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The 5 Best Tennis Clubs in Dallas

The 5 Best Tennis Clubs in Dallas

    How We Picked

    Amenities: We take a look at how well-maintained the amenities and facilities are inside the club. Specifically, the courts.
    Perks: A great tennis club should offer more than tennis. An example of great perks would be free-to-use swimming pools, children’s programs, etc.
    Customer Service: Members should be able to reach out to the club hassle-free.
    Members: A great tennis club should have welcoming members willing to teach and interact with newer members unfamiliar with the sport. 

      1. T Bar M Racquet Club

      T Bar M Racquet Club Homepage

      Services: Tennis lessons, clinics, indoor courts, clay courts, padel, pickleball, customized fitness programs

      Address: 6060 Dilbeck Ln, Dallas, TX 75240


      Contact Number: +1 972-233-4444

      Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday – 7AM to 10PM, Friday – 7AM to 8PM, Saturday and Sunday – 7AM to 6PM

      Yelp reviews score4/5
      Facebook reviews score4.7/5
      Google Reviews score4.6/5
      Total reviews4.3/5
      Score Consistency4.5/5
      Customer Service4.5/5


      • Clean facilities
      • Great membership perks
      • Excellent customer service
      • Welcoming members
      • Fitness programs


      • Crowded during peak hours

      T Bar M Racquet Club is one of the premier tennis clubs in Dallas. It offers great membership perks including personalized coaching, excellent customer service, and fitness programs.

      When we inquired about potential membership, the agent briefly explained the benefits we’ll get. Our ears perked up when we heard we’ll get personalized training from professional coaches as it’s a great way to introduce newer tennis players to the sport.

      They also mentioned fitness programs to help you get in shape. Like tennis lessons, these are personalized based on your body type, experience, and goal.

      The facilities and amenities inside the club are outstanding as well. It has everything from indoor and outdoor courts to fitness gyms that are maintained daily.

      During the call, the agent was professional and you can see the standard they have for work. They were accommodating and polite, which left a great impression on us!

      We also had the privilege to talk to a newer member and we asked them what they liked about the club. Immediately they mentioned how welcoming the long-time members were and how they made sure everyone felt included.

      Of course, we had to ask about some drawbacks to joining the club. The member mentioned that it does get crowded during peak hours, but sometimes that’s a positive since you get to meet new people!

      2. Dallas Tennis Connection

      Dallas Tennis Connection Homepage

      Services: Private lessons, group lessons, weekend crash courses, professional coaches

      Address: 2425 Taylor St Apt. #11322, Dallas, TX 75201


      Contact Number: +1 281-605-9821 

      Google Reviews score5/5
      Total reviews5/5
      Score Consistency5/5
      Customer Service4/5


      • Professional coaches
      • Different types of lessons
      • Well-maintained courts
      • Youth practices
      • Welcoming members


      • Lacking customer service

      If you’re looking to up your tennis games, then Dallas Tennis Connection is the place for you. This tennis club in Dallas offers some of the best coaching in the area as well as incredible perks for its members.

      As mentioned, the coaching here is top-notch and among the best in Texas. Some of the coaches have even worked with the best tennis players in the country!

      Don’t let that fact overwhelm you as they personalize the lessons based on your skill level and experience. The coaches are professional and polite and they do well with kids if you want to apply your children.

      We had the chance to check out the youth practices. The session we saw was lively and the kids were having a blast learning from their coaches.

      While we were there, one thing stood out and that’s the clean and well-maintained courts. This is impressive considering the number of members present at the time–it wasn’t even during its peak hours and it was still packed!

      The members were also warm and welcoming. We noticed that some of them volunteered to teach some of the kids at the side — a sign of a healthy community.

      One thing we disliked about it is the customer service. We had some trouble reaching out to for a potential visit around the club, but we chalked it up to the club being busy thanks to the number of members it has.

      Overall, the Dallas Tennis Connection is one of the best clubs in the city. You’ll get professional coaching in addition to being part of a healthy and fun community!

      3. Bent Tree Country Club Tennis Center

      Bent Tree Country Club Tennis Center Homepage

      Services: Tennis classes, golf course, golf lessons, indoor courts, outdoor courts

      Address: 17000 Knoll Trail Dr, Dallas, TX 75248


      Contact Number: 972.931.7326

      Google Reviews score4.7/5
      Total reviews4.7/5
      Score Consistency5/5
      Customer Service4.75/5


      • Incredible facilities
      • Gorgeous location
      • Amazing membership perks
      • Excellent customer service
      • Tennis and golf lessons


      • Members aren’t too passionate about tennis

      If you’re looking for a place to wind down and enjoy a couple of tennis games, then check out the Bent Tree Country Club Tennis Center. It’s one of the most gorgeous tennis clubs in Dallas, and the perks are off the charts.

      The scenery at the club is breathtaking and something straight out of fictional books and movies. Everywhere you look, you’ll see nothing but nature at its finest–you’ll even forget you came for tennis!

      And while the courts and facilities aren’t as breathtaking, they’re still well-maintained and gorgeous. This seems like one of those clubs professional players in movies visit for their training montage.

      You can also get golf lessons if you’re not too keen on playing tennis on certain days. This is one of the perks members get, and let’s just say that’s one heck of a “bonus” for joining a tennis club.

      We got a chance to inquire about the club and its perks, but what blew us away was the customer service. The agents were professional, as they had answers to every question we had.

      However, one common theme we noticed when talking to the members is the lack of passion for tennis. Some of them are only interested in mingling and making connections.

      All in all, the good far outweighs the bad. We highly recommend Bent Tree Country if you’re looking for a tennis club to join and meet new people!

      4. Fretz Tennis Center

      Fretz Tennis Center Homepage

      Services: Court reservations, ball machine rental, stringing

      Address: 6998 Belt Line Rd, Dallas, TX 75254


      Contact Number: +1 214-670-6622

      Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 8AM to 10PM, Saturday and Sunday – 8AM to 8PM

      Yelp reviews score4.5/5
      Facebook reviews score4.4/5
      Google Reviews score4.6/5
      Total reviews4.5/5
      Score Consistency5/5
      Customer Service4.75/5


      • Lots of perks for members
      • Excellent customer service
      • Passionate and friendly members
      • Court reservation
      • Tennis lessons


      • Courts could be improved

      Fretz Tennis Center is one of the most accessible tennis clubs in Dallas. Its customer service, passionate members, and membership perks make it a go-to for tennis players in the city.

      First off, the perks offered to members are amazing. One of the best is members can rent courts for a limited amount of hours, perfect for those looking to organize a friendly tournament with friends.

      It also offers tennis lessons for adults and children alike. The coaches are experienced and kind, often checking in on the members to make sure they can keep up with the lessons.

      Another thing it prides itself on is its customer service. We experienced firsthand how responsive and easy to talk to the agents are, as they were quite accommodating and professional.

      And while it may be a small club compared to its competitors, the members are equally as passionate. Talking to one of them, they mentioned how welcoming the community was and how they’d regularly ask him to play.

      The only downside we saw was the fact that the courts could use some improvements because the wear and tear are noticeable from all its years. Talking to management, they did mention looking into upgrading the courts soon!

      5. Samuell Grand Tennis Center

      Samuell Grand Tennis Center Homepage

      Services: Court reservations, ball machine rental, stringing

      Address: 6220 E Grand Ave, Dallas, TX 75223


      Contact Number: +1 469-250-7887

      Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 7:30AM to 9:30PM, Saturday – 8:30AM to 6PM, Sunday – 8AM to 6PM

      Yelp reviews score4/5
      Facebook reviews score5/5
      Google Reviews score4.5/5
      Total reviews4.5/5
      Score Consistency4.75/5
      Customer Service4.75/5


      • Easy to contact
      • Excellent customer service
      • Clean and well-maintained courts
      • Welcoming members
      • Long hours


      • Not enough membership perks

      Samuell Grand Tennis Center is one of the most reliable tennis clubs in Dallas. It’s easy to access, offers clean and well-maintained courts, and is filled with welcoming members.

      We tried getting a hold of the club and we were surprised to see how easy it was to contact them. A quick call and we got an agent that accommodated us with our queries and was professional all throughout.

      Once we visited the club, the staff there was equally as professional as they toured us around the place. Even though we didn’t join the club, they treated us with the utmost respect!

      The members we met were all lovely as well. They shared enthusiasm about the sport and the club itself–some even offered to teach us the basics of tennis!

      As for the courts, they were all properly maintained and clean. The vacant ones didn’t have any balls lying around and the nets were regulated and washed daily.

      One bonus we liked about the club is the long hours. It’s open from 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM during the weekdays, and as the staff said, they take into account members that have work during the day.

      However, we did notice the lacking membership perks. The main perk for joining is you get to meet new people that share the same passion for the sport.

      All in all, if you’re looking for a place to unwind from the stress of your daily life, we highly recommend giving Samuell Grand Tennis Center a shot. It has everything you need for a tennis club, and the members are all welcoming and fun to be with!

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