How does our website earn money?

If you’re curious about how our website stays up, here are some things for you to know and remember:

  1. There are affiliate links on our website. So when you buy something through our links in our articles here, we may get commission.
    • This commission doesn’t come from you, however. You don’t have to pay anything! The vendors will be the ones paying for this.
    • Still, despite this, we are not paid by any of the vendors to do our reviews. So you can be assured that our content is critical and not biased at all.
  2. Our content here is the product of a lot of research and our team’s own experiences.
  3. Sometimes the products and services may change without our team’s knowledge. So don’t be surprised when sometimes what we say on our reviews might not match exactly what the manufacturers or providers say.
  4. For the products and services we feature, they are presented without warranty from us. You can get that from the vendors themselves.

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