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The 5 Best Spas in Dallas for Couples Homepage

The 5 Best Spas in Dallas for Couples

How We Picked

Couple’s packages – The various massage options or related services available at the spa for couples to try out. 
Staff’s performance – This can pertain to the massage therapist or any other staff member’s quality of service when performing spa-related tasks.
Customer service – The overall treatment that the spa’s management and staff give to every couple that inquires about or avails of their services.
Facilities and equipment – The various spa facilities and equipment as well as the cleanliness and orderliness of each one.
Availability – How easy it is to avail of the spa’s services in terms of its communication, appointment setting, and operating hours.

1. Riviera Spa

Riviera Spa Homepage

Couple’s Packages: Two’s a Party (50-Minute Massage, 25-Minute Infrared Sauna Session), The Honeymoon Phase (80-Minute Massage, 60-Minute Floatation, 25-Minute Infrared Sana Session).


Address: 4514 Travis St. #105, Dallas, Texas 75205, United States

Contact Details: +1 214-521-2112

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 10AM – 9PM

      Saturday: 9AM – 10PM

      Sunday: 11AM – 7PM

Google Reviews Score4.7/5 (437 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5 (196 reviews)
Total Reviews5/5 (633 reviews)
Score Consistency4.5/5
Couple’s Packages5/5
Staff’s Performance5/5
Customer Service4.5/5
Facilities and Equipment4.5/5


  • Unique options included in its packages
  • Very beautiful and comforting ambiance
  • Professional and friendly staff members
  • Gives complimentary snacks and wine


  • Lacks available slots sometimes
  • Fails to give timely updates on occasion
  • Floatation tanks need more maintenance

It’s no surprise that a spa like Riviera has made its way to our list, as it’s definitely no stranger to giving massages to a pair of lovebirds.

Riviera Spa is, in general, one of the best spas in Dallas that you could ask for. So it’s perfectly understandable for two people to go here and expect the same kind of quality service.

Regardless of the number of customers going in at a time, a top-notch spa will be able to maintain a good balance of availability and performance.

While Riviera may seem to lack availability of slots sometimes, we think this is completely understandable for a place that’s this popular.

And better yet, the quality of its services has not been sacrificed especially in regards to its couple massages.

We like how its massage options give you access to unique amenities such as infrared saunas and floatation tanks.

It’s fairly rare to find places that offer both of these options specifically for couples, so this is definitely an opportunity you and your partner wouldn’t want to miss.

Anybody that’s ever been to Riviera will tell you that the beautiful and comforting ambiance of the place is enough to get you sold already.

Simply being there is already an experience in itself, and you’re even given complimentary snacks and wine by its professional and friendly staff members.

Just keep in mind that since this is a popular place, you may have the chance to get delayed updates on occasion.

Also, we think the floatation tanks specifically need a bit more maintenance, as others have complained of inadequate water levels and faulty lighting.

2. Vis à Vis Day Spa and Med Spa

Vis à Vis Day Spa and Med Spa Homepage

Couple’s Packages: Couple’s Massage (Any 2 Massages of Same Duration), Deux Luxes, Massage and Float Combo, Ménage à Trois, The Louvre, etc.


Address: 2815 Allen St. #122, Dallas, Texas 75204, United States

Contact Details: +1 214-884-8886

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10AM – 10PM

      Sunday: 12NN – 7PM

Google Reviews Score4.5/5 (248 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4/5 (184 reviews)
Total Reviews4.5/5 (432 reviews)
Score Consistency4.5/5 
Couple’s Packages5/5
Staff’s Performance4.5/5
Customer Service5/5
Facilities and Equipment4.5/5


  • All massages applicable for couples
  • Many massage options and add-ons to choose from
  • Great atmosphere with complimentary wine offered
  • Very friendly and accommodating staff


  • Some therapists don’t do a good job sometimes
  • Couple’s massage rooms are a bit small
  • Packed throughout the weekends

“Vis à vis”, if you’re not familiar, can literally mean “face-to-face with”, which seems like a nice but subtle way to say that Vis à Vis Spa can be perfect for couples.

Just a bit of disclaimer, though. The actual arrangement of the massage beds may vary depending on what the management prefers.

But to put things simply, you and your partner are receiving great massages in the same room, no matter what.

While Vis à Vis doesn’t exactly advertise itself as a spa that specializes in couple’s massages, the overall massage experience that couples can get here is enough to render it one.

It’s great to hear that every single one of its massage options is applicable for couples, and we think that’s a great way to simplify its services while catering to everyone.

From the well-known Swedish massage to lymphatic drainage and sports massages, this place has a lot in store for couples to take advantage of.

If your partner already has a baby bump, then you can specifically opt for a careful prenatal massage for her instead.

Aside from the great atmosphere that the place has, Vis à Vis’ friendly and accommodating staff members also offer customers some complimentary wine.

The main drawback of its services is that some therapists may not be as good as others, which is quite telling of the consistency of skill levels among its team.

Another one is that the couple’s massage rooms may feel a bit small for some people, as there’s really not that much space for therapists to move around the beds.

Finally, Vis à Vis is quite a busy place during the weekends, so be sure to plan and book appointments ahead of time.

3. Hiatus Spa + Retreat

Hiatus Spa + Retreat Homepage

Couple’s Packages: The Kindred Spirits (60/75/90 Minutes)


Address: 5560 W Lovers Ln #250, Dallas, TX 75209, United States

Contact Details: +1 214-352-4111

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9AM – 9PM

      Sunday: 10AM – 7PM

Google Reviews Score4.4/5 (193 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4/5 (339 reviews)
Total Reviews4.5/5 (532 reviews)
Score Consistency4.5/5 
Couple’s Packages4/5
Staff’s Performance4/5
Customer Service5/5
Facilities and Equipment5/5


  • Very relaxing atmosphere for massages
  • Experienced with any body type
  • Provides nice H-Circle membership perks
  • Staff members are very attentive


  • Only one couple’s massage option
  • Sometimes disorganized with appointments
  • Massage quality is a bit inconsistent

If you and your partner desire a well-deserved break from your busy lives, then we think going to Hiatus Spa + Retreat is a good idea to unwind.

The moment you step into its facilities, it’s already an instant shift in atmosphere that just makes you forget about all your worries.

With the relaxing vibes that Hiatus gives, it’s no wonder that it decides to give itself that name.

It’s definitely a place that makes you want to go on hiatus from the external pressures of the outside world.

Its top-notch and luxurious massaging facilities ensure that couples get the most out of what it has to offer.

To be honest with you, we think it doesn’t have that much variety in its couple’s massages, to begin with.

Even if there are a lot of other massage options available, it seems like you’re only limited to one called “The Kindred Spirits”.

Not only is it the only option, but it’s also rather vague in its description. We would have preferred if it was more specific in describing what kind of massage couples can expect.

Other than that, we have heard a lot of good things about its massage therapists. They’re all pretty experienced with just about any body type.

The only problem is that some of them can be a bit inconsistent when it comes to massaging certain areas and applying just the right amount of pressure.

It’s not the most flawless massage service out there, but it’s definitely not bad either.

We also recommend signing up for its H-Circle membership, as there are a lot of perks included that can save you big bucks.

In general, the staff members are all very attentive toward any customer, but they do tend to be all over the place when sorting out appointments. 

4. Hawaii Thai Massage and Spa

Hawaii Thai Massage and Spa Homepage

Couple’s Packages: Couple’s Massage (30/60/90/120 Minutes)


Address: 5934 Royal Ln #229, Dallas, Texas 75230, United States

Contact Details: +1 972-213-2334

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 9:30AM – 7:30PM

Google Reviews Score4.5/5 (177 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5 (126 reviews)
Total Reviews4/5 (303 reviews)
Score Consistency5/5
Couple’s Packages4/5
Staff’s Performance4/5
Customer Service4/5
Facilities and Equipment5/5


  • Blends Hawaiian and Thai styles together
  • Clean and uniquely decorated spa
  • 4 different durations to choose from
  • Flexible in terms of reservations


  • Couple’s massage option lacks detail
  • Tends to not follow customer’s massage requests
  • Not that receptive to negative comments

Hawaii Thai Massage and Spa offers just about as unique of an experience as its name would suggest for any couple.

We’ve actually never heard of any place that offers both Hawaiian and Thai-style massage and spa services, and that’s quite intriguing to think about.

This is the type of place that you go to if you ever wanted to experience different massage cultures without having to fly to another country.

The place is quite clean and uniquely decorated with a lot of Hawaiian and Thai-inspired furnishings, as you would expect.

Overall, we love the unique approaches that its massages utilize, and the massage therapists are definitely skilled at their craft.

But sadly, its couple’s massage option is another case of not being transparent enough as to exactly what kind of massage couples will receive.

Apart from Hawaiian and Thai massages, there are a lot of other options that some customers can get really meticulous about. 

Thus, adding more details about the couple’s massage option is something that should really be considered.

Also, take note that the massages performed have a lot less wiggle room when it comes to your own preference in modality, so be sure to choose wisely.

Other than that, you do get 4 different massage durations to choose from, which makes massages here quite flexible and accommodating towards your time.

What’s not that flexible, however, is the customer service itself when dealing with complaints. 

Although complaints should still be within reason, it feels like you barely have any right to complain at all when talking to its unreceptive customer service.

5. Massage Felax and Spa

Massage Felax and Spa Homepage

Couple’s Packages: Full Body Massage for Two-Gether (Customizable), Vichy Shower for Two-Gether, Felax Signature Combo for Two-Gether (4 Combos).


Address: 4943 Belt Line Road, Addison, Texas 75254, United States

Contact Details: +1 972-385-7109

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:30AM – 9:30PM

      Sunday: 11AM – 8PM

Google Reviews Score4.8/5 (159 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5 (179 reviews)
Total Reviews4.5/5 (338 reviews)
Score Consistency4.5/5
Couple’s Packages5/5
Staff’s Performance4.5/5
Customer Service5/5
Facilities and Equipment5/5


  • Romantic and comfortable facilities
  • Experienced in reflexology and massage therapy
  • Flexible couples massage and spa options
  • Accommodating management and staff


  • Sometimes misses some spots
  • Occasionally lacks availability
  • Not that timely with appointment updates

Massage Felax and Spa is the place to be for sharing the gift of instant relaxation with your significant other.

We think time spent at this place is time that’s very well-spent. All of the facilities already give off such romantic and comfortable vibes.

It’s also quite great that its team is experienced in both reflexology and massage therapy, which are two very advantageous fields to know all about in the spa industry.

There are a lot of services for couples that aren’t just your typical “massage in two separate beds” kind of deal.

Although one of its massage options is apparently just that, we think you’ll find it a lot more customizable than at first glance.

It has your classic Swedish massage, but it also offers Ashiatsu massages and even steam towel therapy.

This is the kind of transparency that we’re looking for, and now every couple that’ll read the spa’s menu will benefit from this as well.

Now here’s the kicker. It has what’s called the Vichy shower treatment that’s a great hydrotherapy approach.

Imagine your typical massage session, but you have multiple shower heads above you gently rinsing you with warm water. 

Quite frankly, it already sounds so relaxing just by talking about it.

What’s even more impressive is that you can even combine both the full body massage options with a Vichy shower treatment all in one package.

We think this is truly a great bundle to experience with your significant other.

But even a place this good still has its weaknesses, such as missing some spots during the massage and not being timely enough when sending appointment updates.

It also occasionally suffers from a lack of availability, which is quite unsurprising given its popularity.

Still, if you finally get a slot at this spa, then its management and staff will accommodate you like no other.

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