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Top 5 Nail Bars for Gel Extensions in Dallas Homepage

Top 6 Nail Bars for Gel Extensions in Dallas

How We Picked

Options and features – The various gel extension options and related services, as well as the unique features of each one.
Facilities and equipment – The general maintenance and order of the salon’s facilities and equipment.
Task efficiency – The balance of timeliness and quality when performing gel extension and other related services.
Customer service – How well the customers are treated by the management and staff members of the nail bar.
Affordability – How competitive the nail bar’s prices are compared to other places.

1. AURA Nail Bar

AURA Nail Bar Homepage

Overview of Services: Shellac/Gel Manicure, NexGen/Dipping Powder, Dipping Powder (Pink and White), Acrylic New Set/With Gel, Acrylic Refill/With Gel, White/Pearl New Set, Solar Pink and White New Set, Solar Pink and White Refill, Pink Fill Only.


Address: 3775 Oak Grove Ave. Ste 100, Dallas, TX 75204, USA

Contact Details: +1 214-559-4994

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 10AM – 8PM

      Saturday: 9AM – 7PM

      Sunday: 12NN – 6PM

Google Reviews Score4/5 (138 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5 (333 reviews)
Total Reviews4/5 (471 reviews)
Score Consistency4.5/5
Options and Features4.5/5
Facilities and Equipment5/5
Task Efficiency4.5/5
Customer Service5/5


  • Has a lot of gel options and add-ons 
  • Modern and clean facilities
  • Professional and friendly staff members
  • Accurately executes requested designs


  • A little bit pricy for some options
  • Gel polishes may be a hit or miss
  • Sometimes rushes other procedures

Aura Nail Bar specializes in a lot of nail care services, which include several gel extension options.

Its facilities are quite modern and clean, and it definitely seems like a place that you would be perfectly comfortable in.

Looking at its “menu”, we can definitely see a good variety of sets and refills that also include a few unique color options.

To add to that, there are even some add-ons that can work quite well with either its gel or acrylic sets.

When it comes to the execution of Aura Nail Bar’s services, we’ve noticed fairly good accuracy in following the design requests of clients.

For the most part, the nail technicians do a pretty good job at shaping the extensions to fit with the client’s nail’s natural curvature.

However, there are still some instances when other shapes don’t come out that natural-looking.

The gel polishes may also be a hit or miss sometimes, as they either lack enough shine or they tend to come off way too easily.

Despite this, it does seem like it’s only an issue on half of their choice of products.

The staff members are generally professional and friendly all throughout Aura Nail Bar’s numerous services.

It’s just that some of them do tend to rush other procedures, which significantly affects the quality and durability of the end results.

Taking this into consideration, it would make even the other options sound not worth it for some people.

Other than that, we do think that its gel-related services are just about the right price considering the area where the nail salon is located in.

2. Ulux Nail Spa

Ulux Nail Spa Homepage

Overview of Services: Gel Manicure, French Gel Manicure, Mood Change Color, CBD Gel Manicure, Gel Manicure + Design, Gel-X Extensions, Gel Manicure + Signature Manicure, Gel-X Refill.


Address: 2728 Routh St., Dallas, Texas 75201, United States

Contact Details: +1 972-807-9193

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 10AM – 8PM

      Saturday: 9AM – 7PM

      Sunday: 11AM – 6PM

Google Reviews Score4.5/5 (203 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5 (258 reviews)
Total Reviews4/5 (461 reviews)
Score Consistency5/5
Options and Features5/5
Facilities and Equipment5/5
Task Efficiency4/5
Customer Service5/5


  • Offers advanced Gel-X Extensions
  • Packages include massages and other nail care extras
  • Friendly and accommodating staff members
  • Clean and well-maintained nail salon


  • Gave the wrong polish in the past
  • Nails sometimes start to crack earlier
  • Other technicians perform inconsistently

Ulux Nail Spa introduces nail enhancement technology that is otherwise uncommon to find at other run-of-the-mill nail bars.

You’re going to be stepping into a clean and well-maintained nail salon, by the looks of it.

Some people may have mistaken the place for just an ordinary bungalow house, but we think it’s quite a clever and creative usage of a business space.

Even if it doesn’t look like it has as many options as its competitors, it still scores pretty high because of its inclusion of Gel-X Extensions.

With this technology by Aprés, you’re getting the combination of a soft gel polish’s malleability and the desired length of a glued-on nail.

We think this kind of option would be right at home at any nail bar, so props go to Ulux for including it on the menu.

To add to that, a lot of nice nail care extras also come with gel extension packages. These can include nail trims, cuticle care, and even massages.

Although the Gel-X refills are quite expensive, in our opinion, the overall quality of its Gel-X system is still worth it for the most part.

The staff members are also quite friendly and accommodating, further adding to the comfort that you can feel when spending time there.

Some of them have given the wrong polish in the past, though. It kind of speaks about their lapses in judgment sometimes while in the middle of the gel extension process.

The other possible downside is that some of the work they’ve done tend to crack a lot earlier than their expected durability period.

It’s a pretty common occurrence in a lot of nail bars, and Ulux is sadly not an exception.

3. Lavish Organic Nail Spa

Lavish Organic Nail Spa Homepage

Gel Options: Gel Manicure, Gel French Manicure, Shapes (Almond, Coffin, Stilleto), Add Tips, Aprés Gel-X Extension (appointment only), Gel Polish Change/With Soak Off, etc.


Address: 2611 Worthington St., Dallas, TX 75204, USA

Contact Details: +1 214-468-8458

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 10AM – 8PM

      Saturday: 9AM – 7PM

      Sunday: 11AM – 6PM

Google Reviews Score4.6/5 (102 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5 (75 reviews)
Total Reviews3.5/5 (177 reviews)
Score Consistency5/5
Options and Features5/5
Facilities and Equipment5/5
Task Efficiency4.5/5
Customer Service3/5


  • Great and thorough at Gel-X extensions
  • Lots of customizable nail enhancement options
  • Also serves various drinks
  • Fairly competitive prices


  • Rude and argumentative when things go wrong
  • Operating hours are sometimes inaccurate

Lavish Organic Nail Spa provides one of the most extensive lists of nail services we’ve seen, and its gel extensions are also definitely worth talking about.

Amid all of the various manicure options and even spa-related services that it has, we think doing nail enhancements is one of Lavish’s top services.

Plus, you can even order a drink from its drink menu while you’re having your nails done.

The place is definitely worth considering, especially since it has also included Aprés’ Gel-X extensions.

With that said, you cannot go wrong with a nail spa that includes Gel-X. We think this also makes Lavish one of the top choices in terms of nail care and enhancement technology.

Apart from how fast and easy it is to apply on anyone’s nail, the overall attention to detail of its nail technicians ensures that it’ll look as clean (and fabulous) as possible. 

You get to choose between coffin, almond, and stiletto shapes. We wish there would have been more options, though.

Other than that, we love how it’s only going to cost you $5 for any of these shapes.

We still find that there are lots of customizable nail enhancement options that don’t necessarily relate to the choice of shape.

You still get several dipping powder options, and additional tips also cost only $5.

While all of these can be performed for walk-in customers, its Gel-X extension seems to be the only option that needs an appointment. Make sure to keep that in mind before you go.

The main weak point of this business is definitely its customer service.

Procedures don’t usually go wrong. But when they do, this is the last place that you could expect to accept responsibility. 

The management would simply become rude and argumentative at that point.

Aside from that, its operating hours are sometimes pretty inaccurate. You’ll be confused as to how it’s already open at 8 in the morning, which is two hours earlier than the listed opening time.

4. Nailed Nail Bar

Nailed Nail Bar Homepage

Overview of Services: Gel/Shellac Nail Manicure, NexGen Nails/Dipping Powder, Nexgen Pink/White, Acrylic New Set/Fill, White/Pearl Acrylic New Set, Pink/White (Solar) New Set, Pink (Solar) Fill, Pink/White (Solar) Fill, Gel Finish, Gel Powder/Matte Top Coat, Gel/Shellac Removal, etc.


Address: 3517 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, Texas 75219, United States

Contact Details: +1 214-526-7133

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 10AM – 8PM

      Saturday: 9AM – 7PM

      Sunday: 12NN – 6PM

Google Reviews Score4.4/5 (721 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5 (873 reviews)
Total Reviews5/5 (1594 reviews)
Score Consistency5/5
Options and Features5/5
Facilities and Equipment5/5
Task Efficiency4.5/5
Customer Service4/5


  • Very popular nail bar in Dallas
  • Detail-oriented in following nail design requests
  • Provides many different “a la carte” options
  • Clean and comfortable facilities


  • Significantly expensive for sometimes subpar service
  • Nails tend to break earlier than 2 weeks
  • Some nail technicians are not that accommodating

When you’re looking for nail enhancements such as gel extensions, Nailed Nail Bar is a great place to consider due to its popularity.

There is a good amount of options to suit just about anyone’s taste, and these options also have a lot more customization within them.

The nail technicians are quite versatile, in this regard. You can simply show them a picture of your preferred nail design, and they’ll actually do a nice job of copying it.

This is thanks to their attention to detail and overall experience catering to so many people’s nails throughout the years.

A testament to their experience can also be found in just how many “a la carte” add-ons the nail bar has.

A business owner doesn’t simply create such an extensive list of services without the appropriate staffing to go along with it.

Thus, we think this is one of the best places to go if you fancy being more creative with your gel extensions.

Nailed Nail Bar’s facilities are also quite clean and comfortable. It definitely has one of the most fancy-looking interiors of any nail bar we’ve seen too.

There are still a few cons that go along with its services, though.

Some of the options are significantly expensive, especially considering such options are sometimes not that well-executed.

This is a con that hits two birds with one stone, and it’s further made worse by the fact that some nail technicians aren’t even that accommodating, to begin with.

Lastly, this is also another nail bar wherein nails tend to break earlier than the expected duration (over 2 weeks) for unknown reasons.

5. Nailed Up

Overview of Services: Russian manicure, Russian pedicure, Structure gel manicure, Polygel Extensions and Overlays , Gel X Extensions, Lash Extensions, Nail Art


Address: 925 Jefferson Blvd Suite 3, Dallas, TX 75208

Contact Details: 972-730-6429

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 10AM – 8PM

Google Reviews Score4.5/5
Yelp Reviews Score4/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency5/5
Options and Features5/5
Facilities and Equipment5/5
Task Efficiency4.5/5
Customer Service4/5


  • Very popular nail bar in Dallas
  • Detail-oriented in following nail design requests
  • Provides many different “a la carte” options
  • Clean and comfortable facilities


  • Busy during peak days

Our experience with Nailed Up, a nail bar specializing in gel extensions, has been outstanding, primarily due to the range of services they offer. From trendy designs to classic styles, Nailed Up provided a diverse selection of gel extensions, ensuring our preferences were met with creativity and precision. The variety of services reflects their commitment to offering comprehensive nail care solutions.

Efficiency is a defining feature of Nailed Up’s services, evident in their prompt appointments and organized nail care sessions. The skilled nail technicians at Nailed Up ensured our sessions started on time and progressed seamlessly, contributing to a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. The efficient service delivery added a level of convenience to our visits.

The quality of gel extensions at Nailed Up is exceptional, showcasing the expertise of their nail technicians. Each extension was meticulously crafted, and the use of high-quality products resulted in durable and aesthetically pleasing nails. Nailed Up’s commitment to delivering top-notch quality in every session made our visits consistently satisfying.

Nailed Up strikes a commendable balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. The transparent pricing, coupled with the value we received from the gel extensions, positioned Nailed Up as a cost-effective choice. The affordability of their services, combined with the skillful execution, makes Nailed Up a reliable option for those seeking high-quality and reasonably priced gel extensions.

6. Verbena Parlor + Social House

Verbena Parlor + Social House Homepage

Overview of Services: Apres Gel-X Extension, Akzentz Hard Gel Overlay, Extensions and Fills, The Gel Bottle Builder Gel, CND Shellac/The Gel Bottle, etc.


Address: 2626 Howell St. Ste. 166, Dallas, Texas 75204, United States

Contact Details: +1 214-433-7359

Operating Hours: Monday, Wednesday – Friday: 10AM – 7PM

      Tuesday: CLOSED

      Saturday: 9AM – 7PM

      Sunday: 10AM – 6PM

Google Reviews Score4.5/5 (133 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4/5 (140 reviews)
Total Reviews4/5 (273 reviews)
Score Consistency4.5/5
Options and Features5/5
Facilities and Equipment5/5
Task Efficiency4.5/5
Customer Service4/5


  • Offers several unique gel-based services
  • Great facilities that also double as an event venue
  • Nails are done with care and attention to detail
  • Also offers coffee and other drinks


  • Considerably busy and rushed customer service
  • Not the cheapest of nail bars
  • Nails tend to easily crack within a few days

Verbena isn’t simply a shop to get your nails done, but a place for any nail connoisseur to bond with fellow enthusiasts in style.

In a salon like this, good gel extensions are only one of the many possible services that you can experience.

It’s a parlor and a social house in one, after all. We think that alone makes this place unlike any other.

Focusing on its gel-based services first, there are several unique options that are apparently advertised to be free of a lot of toxins common in other polishes.

Even though we’re not actual scientific researchers on toxins, it doesn’t really take one to realize how proven its choice of polishes is.

For one, the Aprés Gel-X extension is one of the options, which doesn’t need that much introduction at this point.

Also, it utilizes the Akzentz hard gel, which is actually the go-to alternative for acrylic nails with less brittleness and more flexibility.

It also has Gel Bottle builder gel, but it’s more suited for those that are naturally growing out their nails instead of being an addition to gel extensions.

While you’re getting your gel extensions done, you’ll find a lot of great amenities within Verbena that surprisingly work well with the overall aesthetic of the place.

From getting coffee or wine to booking for special events, this is quite a unique place that we’ve never expected to be an event venue as well.

Verbena is, however, one of the busiest places you can go to get your nails done, as its customer service seems to always be considerably busy and in a rush.

It’s also not the most wallet-friendly nail bar out there, which is not that surprising given all of the amenities it has.

And once again, it doesn’t have the best nail durability out there, with a lot of customers experiencing cracks or breaks within only a few days.

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