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When is crawfish season in Dallas

When is crawfish season in Dallas?

In Dallas, the arrival of spring means several things: pollen allergies, blossoming flowers, and – the one thing that truly matters to most Dallasites – crawfish. 

This delicious Cajun staple can be found in most Dallas swamps, farms, and ponds. It’s an excellent source of protein and other vitamins – it’s also pretty low on calories and saturated fats. 

(It’s no wonder many people look forward to crawfish season.)

All that said, when exactly is crawfish season in Dallas? And where can you find the best crawfish in the city?

Whether you’re moving to Dallas or visiting for a few days, you should find helpful information below. Keep scrolling to discover when (and where) you can enjoy these tasty mudbugs this year. 

Crawfish in Nature

Crawfish typically dwell in swamps, bayous, lakes, rivers, and ponds. They burrow underground when the weather is too warm or cold, only resurfacing when the climate is more comfortable. 

This is why crawfish season – at least in the traditional sense –  happens more often from the months of January to July (a.k.a. springtime). 

Spring is the perfect time for crawfish hunting.

It’s not too cold that the crawfish won’t want to come out of their underground homes. It’s also not too warm that they’d choose to dig their way back into their mud burrows. 

Crawfish in Farms

If you’re thinking you won’t be able to enjoy crawfish after July has passed, think again. 

Thanks to technology and the lovely hard work of crawfish farmers in Texas, residents can now find these delicious mudbugs in supermarkets well into August. You can find dozens of producers managing properties full of crawdads supplying products to stores and shops across the city. 

Nonetheless, weather and climate still have a lot to do with crawfish availability. It’s going to take more than a locksmith to unlock the secrets of how to control weather. 

Crawfish Suppliers in Dallas

The great thing about Dallas is that you don’t need to go as far as to hire a private investigator to find the best crawfish suppliers in town. 

You can buy crawfish fresh or frozen from supermarkets and shops all across Dallas. There are also places where you can buy them ready-to-eat. 

Some of the best crawfish suppliers in Dallas include: 

Cajun Crawfish Company (Fresh and Frozen Products)

Address: 1671 Riverview Drive Suite #114 Lewisville, Texas 75056

Contact: (469) 374-1071 | [email protected] 

Captain Dave’s Seafood Market (Fresh and Frozen Products)

Address: 700 Alma Dr Ste 104 Plano, TX 75075 

Contact: (972) 424-3474

Rex’s Seafood and Market (Fresh, Frozen, and Cooked Products)

Address: 920 South Harwood Street #150 , Dallas


TJ’s Seafood Market (Fresh, Frozen, and Cooked Products)

Address: 6025 Royal Ln Ste 110 Dallas, TX 75230

Contact: (214) 691-2369

Places to Eat Crawfish in Dallas

If cooking your own crawfish is off the plate, you can still enjoy a delicious spread from any of the following restaurants and cafes in Dallas: 

The Boiling Crab 

Address: 10560 Walnut St Ste 100 Dallas, TX 75243

Contact: (972) 272-7086

Shell Shack

Address: 2326 N Henderson Ave Dallas, TX 75206

Contact: (844) 588-2722

Ragin Crab

Address: 2100 Greenville Ave Dallas, TX 75206

Contact: (214) 827-2722

Krio Bishop Arts

Address: 233 W 7th St #100 Dallas, TX 75208

Contact: (214) 253-9311

Crawfish Festivals in Dallas

Running out of date ideas? Have flowers delivered to your significant other and invite them on a fun day out to enjoy the crawfish festivities in the city!

You can find crawfish festivals in almost every part of the city. Just ask the next Dallasite you find on the street. 

Here, you can find people preparing, cooking, and eating crawfish using various methods. So, if you’re ever in Dallas from January to July, make sure to check out FaceBook or the Dallas City website for news on upcoming festivals and events. 

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