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The 5 Best Office Furniture Stores in Dallas

The 5 Best Office Furniture Stores in Dallas

    How We Picked

    Quality: The quality of the furniture is the most important factor when deciding which stores are the best.
    Selection: Customers should have different options when it comes to what furniture they can buy.
    Cost: The prices should reflect the quality of the products.
    Customer Service: We’ll also look at how well the employees treat their customers.
    Delivery: Lastly, having your furniture delivered in one piece and on time is a big factor in our decision. 

    1. National Office Interiors and Liquidators Dallas

    National Office Interiors and Liquidators Dallas Homepage

    Services: In-store shopping, in-store pickup, delivery

    Address: 11237 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75229


    Contact Number: +1 972-996-6536

    Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 8AM to 5PM

    Yelp reviews score4/5
    Trust Analytica reviews score4.6/5
    Google Reviews score4.6/5
    Total reviews4.4/5
    Score Consistency4.5/5
    Customer Service4.5/5


    • Good quality products
    • An array of products to choose from
    • Cheap
    • Good customer service


    • Delivery issues

    National Office Interiors and Liquidators Dallas is one of the best office furniture stores in the city. It has good quality products, a wide range of selections, and is relatively cheap!

    One of the things we love about the store is the high-quality products it offers. Every single one is durable and of quality — something only a few furniture stores can brag about.

    In addition to being quality and durable, the selection of products is also plentiful. The store has everything you’d need in your office, from desks and chairs to storage and tables.

    Furthermore, the prices of the furniture are reasonable and budget-friendly. The store regularly holds sales on top of the already low base prices.

    Lastly, we love its customer service! As we walked around the store, the staff all greeted and accompanied us without being too intrusive to our privacy.

    The only downside we noticed was the persistent delivery issues it seemingly has. Talking to a couple of customers, they mentioned delays in the arrival of their furniture.

    Overall, we recommend the National Office Interiors and Liquidators in Dallas if you’re looking for high-quality and cheap office furniture. It’s reliable and consistent, making it one of the best in the city!

    2. Adams Office Furniture

    Adams Office Furniture Homepage

    Services: Desks, filing cabinets, accessories, conference, systems/cubicles, seating, storage and shelving, reception

    Address: 10202 Miller Rd, Dallas, TX 75238


    Contact Number: +1 214-348-4741

    Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 8:30AM to 5:30PM, Saturday – 9AM to 3PM

    Yelp reviews score5/5
    Trust Analytica reviews score4.7/5
    Google Reviews score4.7/5
    Total reviews4.6/5
    Score Consistency4.75/5
    Customer Service5/5


    • Great selection of furniture
    • Cheap and affordable prices
    • Excellent customer service
    • Great staff
    • Delivers on time


    • Some furniture is worn out

    If you’re looking for a store to buy cheap yet quality products, Adams Office Furniture in Dallas is for you! It sells high-quality used furniture at a low price.

    One of the things we love about the store is the array of furniture to choose from. It has everything you’ll ever need and more.

    But its selling point is its affordable prices. Thanks to it fixing and selling used items, the price tags attached are reasonable and cheap compared to new furniture.

    We’d also like to commend the excellent customer service. We had the chance to call the store to get an idea of what it sells, and the agent we talked to was professional and willing to answer all our questions.

    Once we got to the store, the staff assisting us was professional and lovely. They respectfully recommended some furniture that fits our office and even offered discounts.

    Lastly, the store’s delivery system is worth commending. The staff mentioned not having any failed or late deliveries — the customer we talked to vouched for the statement as well.

    The only downside we saw was some of the furniture was worn out. When asked, the staff mentioned they can’t patch up all the furniture coming their way, so they sell them at a significantly lower price to compensate. 

    3. Rhodes Office Furniture

    Rhodes Office Furniture Homepage

    Services: In-store shopping, curbside pickup, delivery, pre-owned items

    Address: 4855 Cash Rd, Dallas, TX 75247


    Contact Number: +1 214-634-8000

    Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday – 9AM to 4PM

    Trust Analytica reviews score5/5
    Facebook reviews score5/5
    Google Reviews score5/5
    Total reviews5/5
    Score Consistency5/5
    Customer Service4/5


    • Excellent quality of products
    • Great selection of products
    • Cheap and reasonable prices
    • Excellent customer service
    • On-point delivery


    • Short hours

    It’s hard to qualify something as a perfect store. But Rhodes Office Furniture in Dallas is as close to perfect as you can get.

    To start, the quality of its products is excellent and top-notch. The materials used in all its products were picked with durability in mind.

    The selection is also commendable. The store has everything you want in your office, including, but not limited to, desks, chairs, storage, tables, and more!

    If that sounds amazing enough, wait until you hear about the prices! Compared to competitors, Rhodes Office Furniture’s products are relatively cheaper — going for as low as 20% less than average!

    Customer service is another big part of its success. The staff and agents we talked to were all highly professional and experienced with their jobs as we got recommendations and tidbits about picking the right furniture.

    Lastly, the delivery is on point. No matter where you live in the city, you’re sure to get your furniture in one piece and on time!

    The only downside we’ve seen is the short hours as the store is only open from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

    Overall, we highly recommend Rhodes Office Furniture. No store is perfect, but this one might be close.

    4. Front Desk Office Furniture

    Front Desk Office Furniture Homepage

    Services: Space planning/design, relocation management, reconfiguration, asset liquidation, new and pre-owned furniture purchase, art procurement, project management, delivery and installation

    Address: 13628 Beta Rd Suite 200, Farmers Branch, TX 75244


    Contact Number: +1 214-904-9045

    Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 9AM to 4:30PM

    Trust Analytica reviews score4.6/5
    Facebook reviews score4.2/5
    Google Reviews score4.6/5
    Total reviews4.5/5
    Score Consistency4.75/5
    Customer Service4.25/5


    • Great quality of furniture
    • Excellent selection of furniture
    • Great delivery service
    • Cheap prices
    • Sales
    • Buys used items


    • Lacking customer service

    Front Desk Office Furniture is one of the best stores for your office needs. Located in Dallas, it has done an excellent job delivering high-quality office furniture at an affordable price. 

    One thing its loyal customers rave about is the quality of the furniture here. The materials used are all top-notch and carefully picked, ensuring it only sells the best.

    Additionally, the prices are relatively inexpensive, considering the products are quality. Some of them go lower than 10% of the average price on the market.

    On top of the already low prices, the store occasionally holds sales and offers discounts. This results in unimaginably low prices for quality products.

    We’re also enamored with the delivery system it has in place. Not once has the store encountered any issues or delays in their deliveries — a perfect track record!

    Lastly, the store is also willing to buy your used furniture. This is a quick and easy way to get rid of ones you don’t need for extra money.

    The only bad thing we saw from Front Desk Office Furniture is its customer service. We tried calling to get an estimate of how much the furniture costs, but they never picked up.

    5. Dallas DESK, Inc.

    Dallas DESK, Inc. Homepage

    Services: Office furniture, used office furniture, showroom, delivery

    Address: 15207 Midway Rd, Addison, TX 75001


    Contact Number: +1 972-788-1802

    Operating Hours: Monday to Friday – 8:30AM to 5PM

    Google Reviews score4.4/5
    Total reviews4.4/5
    Score Consistency4.75/5
    Customer Service4/5


    • Good quality of furniture
    • Great selection
    • Cheap and affordable
    • Sells used furniture


    • Poor customer service
    • Delivery issues

    If you’re on a tight budget but want quality furniture, look no further than Dallas Desk, Inc. It offers an array of affordable, quality, and, not to mention, stylish products!

    There’s no question that the store’s main attraction and strength is its inexpensive furniture. The products are all reasonably priced, making this store one of the go-to’s of businesses looking to upgrade their space.

    On that note, most companies sell affordable products if the quality is lacking. However, there’s no need to worry as we guarantee you’re getting only the best products if you choose to shop here.

    We also love how plentiful the selection of products is. It may not have everything, but it has enough.

    To wrap it all up, the company also sells used furniture. It may not seem worth celebrating, but it’s still a great way to reuse old furniture and give them a new home.

    One issue we noticed with the store is its poor customer service. When we visited, some of the workers outright neglected us and our questions before someone finally accommodated and walked us through the selection of furniture.

    Additionally, there have been reports of delivery issues. Luckily, they were just delays, not broken or wrong orders.

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