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5 Best Nursing Homes in Dallas

5 Best Nursing Homes in Dallas

How We Picked

Price – Must be affordable and have good value. We preferred the homes that the average Texan could afford and had at least proper medical facilities.
Staff – Must be experienced, friendly, responsive to residents’ requests, and prepared for emergencies. Dallas’ nursing homes are usually understaffed, so we put preference towards those known to have warm and attentive nurses.
Aesthetics – Must be clean and comfortable to live in. Basic health standards should be adhered to and the aesthetics should be at least well-kept.
Facilities – Must have a wide assortment of recreational and emergency facilities. We gave priority to homes with access to emergency services rather than a number of recreational facilities.
Services Offered – Must provide a wide range of services from rehabilitation to long-term care.
Reputation – Must be a trusted nursing home.

    1. The Villages of Lake Highlands

    The Villages of Lake Highlands Homepage

    Services: Transitional Care, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Respite Care, Hospice and Palliative Care, Outpatient Rehabilitation

    Location: 8615 Lullwater Dr, Dallas, TX 


    Contact Details: 214-221-0444 I 469-983-2330

    Operating Hours: Open 24/7

    Google reviews score4.4/5
    Yelp reviews score3.5/5
    A Place for Mom reviews score4.1/5
    Caring reviews score4.1/5
    Total reviews5/5
    Score consistency4.5/5
    Services Offered3.5/5


    • Good physical therapists
    • Clean and beautiful aesthetic
    • Friendly and helpful staff


    • Lackluster inpatient rehabilitation
    • Lacks nursing staff 
    • Appointment-based personal visits

    The Villages of Lake Highlands is a nursing home best known for its short-term rehabilitation care. 

    We spoke with its patients and found many satisfied customers. Many of them became repeat customers whenever they needed further care.

    The homes are very clean and have a resort-like aesthetic. It has lots of open areas and greens for its patients to enjoy.

    Its facilities and communal areas are all clean, well-lit, and modern. Each facility is equipped with at least one nursing station in case of emergencies. 

    The nurses are a delight to be around, regularly conversing with their patients even during downtimes. They help make your stay feel much shorter than it actually is.

    Their friendliness is probably a necessity, given the nursing home’s visitation rules. Visitations are appointment-based and limited to no more than two hours, which can make patients feel lonely during their stay. 

    While the nurses are one of this home’s strong points, they also seem to be the cause of many complaints. Most of these come from the fact that the home is understaffed, causing the nurses to be overworked.

    The nurses have been said to be a bit slow in responding to patients’ needs. They would sometimes be unresponsive to buzzers, forcing patients to do tasks on their own.

    2. Simpson Place Assisted Living

    Simpson Place Assisted Living Homepage

    Services: Short-Term Rehabilitation, Long-Term Care, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, COVID Care, Diabetic Care, Ambulatory Care, Geriatric Care

    Location: 3922 Simpson St, Dallas, TX 


    Contact Details: 214-809-9519

    Operating Hours: Open 24/7

    Google reviews score4.3/5
    Yelp reviews score4/5
    A Place for Mom reviews score3.6/5
    Caring reviews score5/5
    Total reviews3.5/5
    Score consistency4/5
    Services Offered3.5/5


    • Cheap
    • Friendly and attentive staff
    • Offers a variety of recreational activities


    • No telephone or cable
    • Bland aesthetic

    Simpson Place Assisted Living is one of Dallas’ more affordable nursing homes. It is financed by the government, allowing it to service its patients at lower rates. 

    The staff is all very friendly and accommodating. If they’re not attending to their duties, they can be found interacting with their patients. 

    Patients have told us that the nurses are very responsive to buzzers and follow through with their individual needs. 

    While the home used to have some incompetent staff, they have all been replaced with more capable workers.

    Being cheaper than other nursing homes, it does not have many recreational facilities and just looks like a normal apartment building. 

    While it doesn’t have many green areas for you to take a stroll in, it at least has clean facilities.

    The interior is very well-kept but the design is not modern at all. Senior patients may find this aesthetic comfy and nostalgic, but younger ones may prefer a more modern look. 

    There are many recreational activities offered to help patients enjoy their stay. Computer training, art classes, movie nights, book clubs, and cooking demonstrations are some of these. 

    However, we do feel the need to tell you that there are no telephones or cable in the bedrooms, so you’ll have to find some other ways to entertain yourself.

    3. The Villa at Mountain View

    The Villa at Mountain View Homepage

    Services: Transitional Care, Chronic Care, Post-surgical Recovery, Cardiac Recovery, Pulmonary Recovery, Stroke Recovery, Hospice and Palliative Care, Respite Care, Restorative Nursing, Intravenous Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Tracheotomy Care, Enteral and Parental Care, Telemedicine, Rehabilitation, Laboratory and X-ray Diagnostic Services, Pharmacy, Nutrition Services, Social Services, Discharge Planning and Transition Assistance

    Location: 2918 Duncanville Rd, Dallas, TX


    Contact Details: 214-467-7090 

    Operating Hours: Open 24/7

    Google reviews score4.3/5
    Yelp reviews score1/5
    Caring reviews score2.5/5
    Total reviews4/5
    Score consistency3.5/5
    Services Offered5/5


    • Houses many recreational facilities
    • Very comfortable atmosphere
    • Clean


    • Nurses can be rude and unprofessional
    • Understaffed

    The Villa at Mountain View offers a wide range of rehabilitation and nursing services. It has many recreational and communal areas for its patients to enjoy.

    This is one of the few Dallas nursing homes that provide its patients with many liberties. It has WiFi, computers, electric beds, and even allows smoking.

    It houses an in-house cafe, salons, and barbers. However, the place looks like a stereotypical nursing home you’d find on TV.

    The designs are bland and a bit outdated. Stepping into the home will make you feel like you’ve gone back a few decades.

    While its aesthetics aren’t the best, it does have a very clean and comfortable atmosphere. 

    This home’s patients have told us that the place feels quiet and peaceful, and the other residents are all very sociable. They also informed us of the nursing problem. 

    This nursing home is understaffed and its nurses can be pretty unprofessional. There have been numerous occasions where nurses were unresponsive to buzzers because they were on their phones. 

    They sometimes do not follow patients’ diet plans, and they regularly complain about their patients. We were also told that they can be pretty rude whenever you call them through the buzzer or approach them at the nursing station.

    4. Walnut Place

    Walnut Place Homepage

    Services: Assisted Living, Memory Care, Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing, Wellness and Safety Programs

    Location: 5515 Glen Lakes Dr, Dallas, TX


    Contact Details: 214-380-9615

    Operating Hours: Open 24/7

    Google reviews score4.2/5
    Yelp reviews score3/5
    A Place for Mom reviews score4.2/5
    Caring reviews score3.8/5
    Total reviews5/5
    Score consistency4/5
    Services Offered3/5


    • Friendly and attentive staff
    • Has an in-house gym
    • Clean but not much green areas


    • Understaffed
    • Lacks recreational facilities and common areas
    • Lacks proper security

    Walnut Place is a member of the Life Care Services community, a network of nursing homes across the country. Being a member of the LCS community allows it to expand its in-house health services.

    This nursing home doesn’t have many recreational facilities. It really only has a gym and one common area, which is sometimes used to host events for the patients. 

    But the area is surrounded by overhead windows, giving it good lighting. Its facilities are clean and well-kept.

    When it comes to the nurses and staff, patients have told us about how they are very friendly and attentive to their needs. They are always open to chatting and quickly respond to patients’ buzzers.

    The home does, however, have staffing problems. Overworked nurses get burnt out, causing their service quality to drop dramatically.

    Patients have informed us of nurses having off days, even the ones who are usually friendly. These nurses would be sociable on one day, then suddenly be rude and cranky on the next.

    They would sometimes ignore patient calls for hours on end. Patients also warned us that if you run into financial problems during your stay, you will be kicked out without being offered any other financing options.

    In addition to its staffing problem, we’ve also been informed of some security issues. There is no night shift security and homeless intruders have been found wandering inside the home.

    Little has been done in response to the lack of security, despite complaints by the home’s staff. 

    5. Signature Pointe

    Signature Pointe Homepage

    Services: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing, Wellness and Safety Programs

    Location: 14655 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 


    Contact Details: 972-833-8003

    Operating Hours: Open 24/7

    Google reviews score4.2/5
    Yelp reviews score2.5/5
    A Place for Mom reviews score4.3/5
    Caring reviews score4.2/5
    Total reviews5/5
    Score consistency4/5
    Services Offered3/5


    • Amazing therapy and rehabilitation programs
    • Friendly patient community
    • Beautiful and spacious environment


    • Staff can be abusive and unresponsive to patients’ needs
    • Understaffed
    • Unsanitary facilities 

    Signature Pointe is another member of the Life Care Services community. It is best known for its excellent rehabilitation programs.

    This nursing home has one of the friendliest patient communities. You or your loved one won’t struggle to find friends during your stay.

    Its patients have been giving nothing but praise for its therapy and rehabilitation programs. Its memory care and physical therapy are the best, with patients recovering faster than they would have in other homes.

    The home is surrounded by a beautiful and spacious environment filled with greens. It has a pond with swans and a fountain, and walkways surrounded by trees.

    The nursing staff, however, can be problematic. Patients have told us about how abusive and unresponsive they can be. 

    Some nurses can be found physically or verbally abusing their patients. Patient calls can also go unanswered for hours, forcing them to do things independently.

    One customer informed us of their family member repeatedly injuring herself while attempting to go to the bathroom alone.

    These problems can partially be attributed to Signature Pointe’s staffing problem.

    The lack of staff has led to facilities becoming unsanitary and late medication administration for its patients.

    Further, some nurses and staff members do not follow standard health guidelines. These have dirty workstations, do not disinfect after handling infectious waste, nor do they wash their hands.

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