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The 5 Best Landscaping Services in Dallas Homepage

The 5 Best Landscaping Services in Dallas

How We Picked

Landscaping expertise – The overall quality and cleanliness of the company’s landscaping work.
Scope of services – The variety of landscaping and general lawn services that the company is able to provide. 
Customer service – The quality of treatment, and smoothness of communication and transactions between the client and the company’s staff.
Budget flexibility – How willing the company is to adjust and accommodate the budget constraints of the clients.

1. Lambert Landscape Company

Lambert Landscape Company Homepage

Services Offered: Landscape and Garden Enhancement Services, Irrigation and Water Management, Organic Plant Health Care, Site Verification, Development and Planning, Site Construction Management, Contractor Services, Proper Tree and Shrub Pruning, Root Flare Exposure. 


Address: 2950 Irving Blvd, Dallas, TX 75247, United States

Contact Details: +1 214-350-8350

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8AM – 5PM

      Saturday – Sunday: CLOSED

Google Reviews Score4.7/5 (23 reviews)
Facebook Reviews Score4.1/5 (22 reviews)
Total Reviews3/5 (45 reviews)
Score Consistency4/5
Landscaping expertise5/5
Scope of services5/5
Customer service5/5
Budget flexibility4/5


  • Professional and accommodating crew
  • Lots of services that integrate careful planning and development
  • Adheres to strict standards by the Texas Nursery Landscape Association
  • Currently furthers education to be up-to-date with modern trends and technology


  • A bit more expensive in project quotations

Lambert Landscape Company combines its professionalism and creativity in landscaping with its efforts towards environmental preservation.

If you care about the environment as much as we do, then you’d appreciate the natural and non-toxic processes that Lambert incorporates into its landscaping work.

It believes that to be healthier and more beautiful is to be environmentally responsible, and we couldn’t agree more.

Also adhering to strict standards by the Texas Nursery Landscape Association, you can expect to have a team working on your yard that’s dedicated to only the highest quality of landscaping.

Its team is, of course, both professional and accommodating towards the client’s landscaping desires. But they also do a good job of carefully planning out things that would work out.

Thanks to Lambert’s thorough site verification, its team is able to carry out such planning in a meticulous but timely manner.

What’s also noteworthy about the nature of its services, is that it currently furthers the education of its team.

Not only will this keep them up to date with modern trends and technology, but it can also result in a finished project that’s been thoroughly researched and will stand the test of time.

Now all of this comes at a slightly more expensive range in quotes, but we personally think that you’re getting a surefire way of achieving your dream landscape with the right people.

Lambert’s team is filled with top-notch contractors, master gardeners, and even irrigation specialists, after all. 

Taking that into consideration, you can rest assured that you’re paying for the services of only the most certified professionals in the landscaping industry.

2. Luxe Landscapes

Luxe Landscapes Homepage

Services Offered: Landscaping, Hardscaping Estimate, Artificial Turf, Retaining Walls, Stamped Concrete, Pavers.


Areas Served: Frisco and surrounding areas

Contact Details: (214) 903-3745

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8AM – 5PM

      Saturday – Sunday: CLOSED

Google Reviews Score4.6/5 (19 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5 (30 reviews)
Total Reviews3/5 (49 reviews)
Score Consistency4/5
Landscaping expertise4/5
Scope of services4/5 
Customer service5/5
Budget flexibility5/5


  • Keen on details and produces clean landscapes
  • Also offers high-quality artificial turf installations
  • Caters to both residential and business owners
  • Gives detailed and fair price quotes


  • Slightly more limited in landscaping options
  • Slightly less experienced than other companies

Formerly Reyes Landscaping, Luxe Landscapes now extends its landscaping and lawn maintenance services to both residential and commercial settings in the DFW area.

With considerably competitive price quotes given to you in detail, Luxe is thankfully able to be more flexible in sticking with any client’s budget.

It seems to have quite a good reputation in understanding what the client envisions in his or her dream landscape.

This is thanks to its team’s keen attention to detail. They are able to deliver simple yet clean landscapes from the drawing board up until the last pebble is set in.

Given that Luxe does cater to commercial settings too, this can be a good opportunity for business owners to add a touch of nature to some seemingly mundane backdrops.

An interesting way to actually do this is through its high-quality artificial turf installations.

Luxe seemingly prides itself in its expertise in artificial turf, which considerably does look like real grass minus the effort of maintaining it through trimming and watering.

If you’ve ever wanted something like a mini golf course in your backyard, then Luxe’s artificial turf seems to be a great way to achieve this.

One thing to note about the provider is that it’s fairly recent with its merge with Reyes Landscaping. In a sense, you could say that it’s still testing the waters with this new partnership.

This may explain why it’s a bit more simplistic and limited in its landscaping services compared to other companies.

Nevertheless, the service that it provides is seemingly geared more towards achieving a clean and serene look rather than having something that looks too busy and over-the-top.

3. Village Green Lawn and Landscape

Village Green Lawn and Landscape Homepage

Services Offered: Landscape Design and Installation, Selection of Trees and Plants, Patios and Walkways, Fireplaces, Fire Pits, Outdoor Kitchens, Various Lawn Health Plans, Fertilization and Weed Control, Insect Protection, Irrigation Packages.


Address: 1316 J Ave, Plano, TX 75074, United States

Contact Details: +1 972-495-6990

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8AM – 5PM

      Saturday – Sunday: CLOSED

Google Reviews Score4.9/5 (174 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4/5 (10 reviews)
Total Reviews5/5 (184 reviews)
Score Consistency3/5
Landscaping expertise5/5
Scope of services5/5
Customer service5/5
Budget flexibility5/5


  • Over 40 years of experience in landscaping
  • Has a great crew of professional and detail-oriented people
  • Excellent in communicating and problem-solving
  • Takes time to do onsite walk-throughs for accurate price quotes 


  • May take a while to be available for new projects

Village Green Lawn and Landscape shows its love and passion for landscaping through the excellence and trust that it has maintained for several decades.

Taking a look at Village Green’s credentials, we can see that its business is thriving just as much as its greenery and foliage installations.

If you want not a single piece of weed seen on your lawn, then it has the perfect crew that’s both professional and detail-oriented in everything that they do.

Village Green’s team is excellent at communicating and problem-solving, which means you don’t have to worry about confusion and transparency issues in the middle of the project.

This may be attributed to the team’s standardized practice of onsite walk-throughs. 

This way, you can be certain that they fully understand how to work around the uniqueness of every client’s lawn. 

This also enables them to give accurate price quotes, which is another point gained in the name of transparency and even budget flexibility.

Being in the business for over 40 years, Village Green has no lack of lawn maintenance knowledge at all.

It’s one thing to be able to design a beautiful landscape that any homeowner can be proud to have. But it’s another thing to be able to maintain such beauty for years to come.

This is something that Village Green is able to help with immensely, as it doubles as a great lawn care company as well. 

The only evident con that may put off a lot of people is its availability.

Since it only has one dedicated team to work on projects, it could take up to several months for them to become available again for a new one.

So if you’ve got a strict deadline to meet, then, by all means, find somebody else.

Otherwise, we think this provider is an overall great landscaping experience worth waiting for if you’re still in the planning stages.

4. Polo Landscapes

Polo Landscapes Homepage

Services Offered: Artificial Grass Installation, Natural Grass Installation, Planting Service, Flower Bed, Irrigation System, Outdoors Lighting, Bush and Tree Trimming, Palm Skinning, Yard Maintenance, Grass Mowing, Weed Removal, Clean Up Services.


Address: 4710 Lake Ave Dallas, TX 75219

Contact Details: +1 214-413-9896

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9AM – 6PM

      Sunday: CLOSED

Google Reviews Score4.7/5 (45 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4/5 (72 reviews)
Total Reviews4/5 (117 reviews)
Score Consistency4/5
Landscaping expertise5/5
Scope of services5/5
Customer service4/5
Budget flexibility5/5


  • Landscaping services are done in a meticulous and timely manner
  • Great teamwork and troubleshooting skills
  • Accommodating with every client’s project budget
  • Also provides services that maintain your landscaped lawn


  • Has some issues with communication sometimes

Polo Landscapes offers a variety of services that go nicely in line with its general landscaping offer.

Surprisingly, it even goes as far as to provide house cleaning services. It’s a bit unusual, but it does make sense to tidy up the house when you’ve already got a newly landscaped lawn.

Though such an extra service does add to the overall presentation of the whole property, we’re going to focus more on things that can be seen outside the house, obviously.

Polo’s landscaping services can be applauded for their versatility in bringing out the best in what each client can envision for their landscape.

Whether it’s adding pavers, doing concrete work, or bumping up the amount of flora, its team seemingly does an excellent job of turning a lawn into a work of art.

With this, it’s evident that the team members work well with each other. And in the event that there’s a fork in the road, their troubleshooting skills can make quick work of it.

As we’ve mentioned, Polo’s got tons of services that complement your landscape and give it the overall maintenance that it needs as well.

Dallas, especially in the springtime, can bring about unforeseen weather conditions, which is why we think it’s great that Polo offers lawn care and clean-up services to keep things tidy.

We think these kinds of services are great ways to make sure that your landscape’s foliage stays healthy and flourishes the way it’s supposed to. 

All of these can be possible thanks to its significantly accommodating price quotes that can be made to fit any client’s budget constraints.

The downside to considering its services, though, is that it’s sometimes prone to miscommunication with clients.

This is definitely not something you want to happen when you’re going to be altering a big portion of your property. 

It can significantly ruin the landscape that you’ve envisioned, which is, of course, a big waste of money. So it’s important to exercise clarity with the team at all times.

5. Guerrero Landscaping

Guerrero Landscape Homepage

Services Offered: Concrete Remodeling, Fiberglass Pool, Grass and Sod Installation, Irrigation and Sprinklers, Landscaping, Tree Services, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Hardscapes, Artificial Grass.


Address: 3653 Timberglen Rd Apt 1025 Dallas, TX 75287

Contact Details: +1 469-398-9896

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8AM – 5PM

Saturday: 7AM – 3PM

Sunday: CLOSED

Google Reviews Score4.6/5 (62 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4/5 (101 reviews)
Total Reviews5/5 (163 reviews)
Score Consistency4/5
Landscaping expertise5/5
Scope of services5/5
Customer service3/5
Budget flexibility5/5


  • Produces creative and cleanly done landscaping projects
  • Caters to both residential and commercial settings
  • Price quotes are competitive and flexible
  • Assigns specific teams for each step of the landscaping process


  • Prone to issues in appointment setting and arriving on time

Guerrero Landscaping provides landscaping services that are comprehensive and follow the aspirations of every client that it serves.

It’s pretty much transformative in everything that it touches. Even better than that is it can apply the same great quality landscapes for both residential and commercial settings.

Its team of professionals is elaborate in the planning and design process. They even take time to inspect the job that they’ve done afterward.

We can say this is proof of the team’s attention to detail, and anybody that avails of this provider’s services can expect a demonstration of great workmanship on their patch of land.

The secret to this seems to lie in Guerrero’s way of assigning specific teams for each step of the landscaping process. This is quite a unique but thorough approach to teamwork. 

It may be a bit awkward for some to see different faces each time, but we think you’re generally going to get personnel that is more specialized and focused on each task this way.

It’s a smart move, in our opinion. It allows the possibility of higher quality work done for each task instead of relying on a single all-around team’s “flexibility”.

Speaking of flexibility, it’s a word that can thankfully be applied to Guerrero’s price quotes.

It’s quite a promising combination when a company is able to put competitive pricing and high-quality work in the same sentence. You can consider this as a green flag.

What’s sadly not a green flag, is that Guerrero seems to struggle with appointment setting and even arriving on time. This significantly affects its overall customer service, in our opinion. 

How could a company show Dallas residents what it’s made of if it can’t even make it in time, let alone be contacted right?

It seems to be an issue with the management, and one that should be resolved rigorously if it wishes to retain or even meet more clients.

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