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The 5 Best Wedding Venues in Dallas Homepage

The 5 Best Wedding Venues in Dallas

How We Picked

Overall aesthetics – The overall physical appearance and features of the venue and its surrounding area.
Venue capacity – How many attendees the venue can efficiently accommodate (also considers the availability of parking spaces).
Staff performance – The quality of service that all of the organizers provide throughout the whole wedding event.
Planning flexibility – How flexible the venue and its team are in making the couple’s preferred wedding theme possible.
Affordability – How reasonably priced the venue and its packages are compared to similar venues.

1. Arlington Hall (Turtle Creek)

Arlington Hall (Turtle Creek) Homepage

Venue Features: Arlington Hall and Terraces, Great Hall and Portico, Dallas Room and Terrace, Living Room and Magnolia Terrace, Allman Pavilion and Goff Formal Garden, Catering by Food Glorious Food. 


Address: 3333 Turtle Creek Blvd, Dallas, TX 75219, United States

Contact Details: 1 214-520-8611

Operating Hours: (Event Hours) Monday – Sunday: 9AM – 12AM

Estimate Cost: (100 Guests) $20,000 – $25,000

Google Reviews Score4.5/5 (100 reviews)
WeddingWire Reviews Score4.5/5 (25 reviews)
Total Reviews 4/5 (125 reviews)
Score Consistency5/5
Overall Aesthetics5/5
Venue Capacity4.5/5
Staff Performance4.5/5
Planning Flexibility4.5/5


  • Very extravagantly designed facilities with plenty of space indoors
  • Offers catering by an award-winning executive chef and team
  • Lots of amenities included in its wedding packages
  • Includes a 20-acre park that flows well with the rest of Arlington Hall


  • A much more expensive venue compared to other places
  • Bigger weddings may be cutting it close with parking spaces
  • Had instances of not taking responsibility when outdoor events go wrong

Jumping straight into one of the most gorgeous and premium-looking venues in all of Dallas, Arlington Hall is for those couples that want to go big or go home.

With big facilities and buildings that look like Greek temples, you’re surely going to feel like you’ve teleported into the place of gods.

Arlington Hall is very extravagantly designed and is able to accommodate your wildest wedding dreams because of how spacious it is.

Every single acre of its surroundings just looks so aesthetic that you can’t help but fill up your gallery with photos of everything you can see. Speaking of acres, it even includes a 20-acre park that flows pretty well with the rest of Arlington Hall.

There are several different halls and rooms to pick from, so you can be assured that there’s a place to suit anyone’s taste. From its Goff Formal Garden to the Allman Pavilion, the whole area is a paradise for those looking to tie the knot.

Of course, with a place like this, there are plenty of amenities included in the several wedding packages that it offers.

Its catering service is one of the best in Dallas, with award-winning chef Adam Fiscus of Food Glorious Food assigned to make your taste buds feel like heaven in every bite.

With all that’s said, Arlington Hall seems to be the go-to place to get hitched. But at what cost?

 If you’re planning on a wedding of considerable size, then the price is pretty steep, especially compared to all the other places on our list.

An average of around $200 per person would be the cost for an event of a hundred people, so it’s not exactly the most budget-friendly venue out there.

You may also be cutting it close in terms of its parking spaces with that many people.

Also, you need to pray that it doesn’t rain if you’re going to use its outdoor space. Its management isn’t exactly the best when outdoor events go wrong.

2. The Filter Building (White Rock Lake)

The Filter Building (White Rock Lake) Homepage

Venue Features: Picturesque view of White Rock Lake, Main Hall, Exposed 1920s Red Brick, Stained Concrete Floors, Iron Trusses, Second-Floor Bridal Suite


Address: 2810 White Rock Road, Dallas, Texas 75214, USA

Contact Details: +1 214-884-3149

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 9AM – 5PM

      Saturday – Sunday: CLOSED

Estimate Cost: $1,500 – $6,000

Google Reviews Score4.6/5 (157 reviews)
WeddingWire Reviews Score4.5/5 (47 reviews)
Total Reviews 4.5/5 (204 reviews)
Score Consistency5/5
Overall Aesthetics4.5/5
Venue Capacity4.5/5
Staff Performance5/5
Planning Flexibility4.5/5


  • Has a picturesque and scenic view of White Rock Lake
  • One of the most reasonably priced venues with outdoor features in Dallas
  • Outdoor areas can be naturally flexible toward preferred wedding themes
  • Very accommodating and professional staff that keeps things in check


  • Interior space looks a bit cramped despite claiming to accommodate 200 people
  • Outdoor weddings can be exposed to unforeseen weather conditions
  • Interior space doesn’t have the best acoustics and echoes a lot

If you love fishing as a kid, then getting married by the lakeside might be a great idea with the help of The Filter Building venue. Even if you’re not into fishing at all, we think everybody can appreciate such a picturesque and scenic view of White Rock Lake just the same.

Its interior venue is not bad either. As its name suggests, you can opt to have your wedding in The Filter Building’s main hall with a lot of beautiful features.

Though it may look just like an ordinary red brick building on the outside for some, you’ll be surprised at how brilliant it can look from the inside once the party starts.

Considering it’s one of the most sought-after and yet reasonably priced venues in Dallas, we think it’s a steal to get married to the love of your life here.

Though, we would like to note that its main hall does seem a little bit cramped when it’s already filled with furniture and people. While we do think that its claimed 200-people limit is possible, the building’s rather long floor plan means the opposite walls are a bit closer together.

Also, its red brick walls don’t exactly possess the best acoustics and are rather very echoey. Keep that in mind when having live bands or loud music played on the speakers.

In contrast, the outdoor area can, of course, be naturally flexible towards any preferred wedding theme. Knowing the Texas climate, just pray for clear skies during your special day should you choose the great outdoors.

Other than that, you can expect all-around great staff performance both in the planning stages and on the day of the event itself.

3. Jupiter Gardens Event Center

Jupiter Gardens Event Center Homepage

Venue Features: The Cupid’s Garden, The Aphrodite Ceremony Room, The Athena Ballroom Room, The Aphrodite Room, The Artemis Room, Bridal Suite, Groom’s Room.


Address: 11325 Pegasus St. S100, Dallas Texas 75238, USA

Contact Details: +1 214-503-9661

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 10AM – 4PM

      Saturday – Sunday: 10AM – 2PM

Estimate Cost: $3,000 – $6,000

Google Reviews Score4.1/5 (214 reviews)
WeddingWire Reviews Score4.7/5 (153 reviews)
Total Reviews 5/5 (367 reviews)
Score Consistency4/5
Overall Aesthetics5/5
Venue Capacity4.5/5
Staff Performance3.5/5
Planning Flexibility4/5


  • Great selection of beautiful interior and exterior areas for weddings
  • Offers several different wedding packages that are more simplified but customizable
  • Winner of the “Couples’ Choice Awards” from 2016 to 2022
  • Elegantly combines wedding halls with its “Cupid’s Garden”


  • Some coordinators and staff have quite a reputation for being rude and disorganized 
  • Some equipment has not been maintained properly or doesn’t work

If you’re looking for a wedding venue that balances relatively upscale facilities with pretty reasonable pricing rates, then Jupiter Gardens is a great place to consider.

With several choices of beautiful interior and exterior areas, we think it has very good flexibility in catering to the size of your wedding.

Its Athena Grand Ballroom seems to be its flagship facility, and for the price it offers, it’s a very beautiful room in its own regard with plenty of space to boogie on the dance floor.

Because of the size of the room, it’s considerably customizable to your preferred wedding theme as well.

What we like about Jupiter Gardens’ wedding packages is that they are more simplified and allow you to maximize several of its facilities in one event.

If you prefer your ceremony outdoors, for example, its “Cupid’s Garden” gives off a simple but beautiful backdrop of its gazebo situated between two oak trees.

Then once that’s done, we think that it’s clever that you have the option to be led directly into the Athena Room we’ve mentioned for the reception.

Jupiter Gardens presents an effective and affordable solution to any wedding plan, which is probably why it won several “Couples’ Choice Awards” from 2016 until now.

We think it’s a very impressive feat for this venue, but it’s still not without its rough patches. For instance, some coordinators and staff have quite a reputation for being rude and disorganized.

Whether it’s about not sticking to the schedule or even not taking responsibility when their own equipment fails, situations like these can easily ruin one’s very special day.

Though we’ve noticed no such behavior in more recent times, it’s best to still keep that in mind when dealing with its coordinators and staff.

4. 2616 Commerce Event Center

2616 Commerce Event Center Homepage

Venue Features: 1st Floor Commerce Room, 3rd Floor Penthouse, Rooftop Deck, Bridal Suite, Traditional, Square, Circular, and Spiral Themes; Preferred Caterers, Cocktail Hour, Round/Rectangular Tables and Chiavari Chairs, etc.


Address: 2616 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226, United States

Contact Details: +1 214-748-5567

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 10AM – 6PM

Estimate Cost: $3,000 – $7500

Google Reviews Score4.4/5 (109 reviews)
WeddingWire Reviews Score4.6/5 (20 reviews)
Total Reviews 4/5 (129 reviews)
Score Consistency4.5/5
Overall Aesthetics5/5
Venue Capacity4.5/5
Staff Performance4.5/5
Planning Flexibility5/5


  • Has 3 different wedding spaces that combine rustic yet elegant design features
  • Very creative in its customizable decorations and lighting options
  • Has a rooftop space that provides amazing views of the Dallas skyline
  • Staff members are very helpful and flexible in both planning and event stages


  • Rooftop space can be exposed to city noise and weather conditions
  • Doesn’t include a groom’s room
  • Parking spaces are scattered and aren’t the best

We think one of the best ways to get married while embracing city life in Dallas is to get yourself a great venue like 2616 Commerce Event Center.

If you’ve always loved being in the heart of Dallas, then this multistory venue can give you a ton of opportunities to be happily wedded the way you want to.

With 3 different wedding spaces to choose from, you can have a chance to appreciate its rustic yet elegant design features.

From a vintage coca cola mural in its commerce room to a penthouse and rooftop area, a venue such as 2616 Commerce has a lot of exciting stuff in store for couples.

With features that are just too many to talk about in detail, you can let your imagination go wild with a place like this. To put things more simply, you can expect a lot of creative and customizable decorations and lighting options for all 3 wedding spaces.

If you love to see the beautiful cityscape of downtown Dallas, then you should definitely grab the opportunity to have your ceremony or reception on the rooftop. When the sun finally sets, the whole outdoor venue blends perfectly with the night coming to life.

Should you prefer the weatherproof safety and privacy of the indoors, then that’s where its aforementioned elegant commerce and penthouse areas come in. 

Whichever space you choose, its great staff members are very helpful and flexible in both the planning and event stages.

To note, 2616 Commerce does lack a groom’s room. We think it’s less than ideal since even men need their own touch-ups too, right?

It doesn’t have its own dedicated private parking space either. Rather, your guests are probably going to have to resort to finding public parking around the block. 

This is unless you manage to find a way to rent the whole lot across the street.

5. The Room on Main

The Room on Main Homepage

Venue Features: Up to 6000 Square Feet of Space, 30-Foot Ceilings, 15-Foot Tall Windows, Ballroom Space and Monograms, Champagne Drapes, Specialty Lighting, Chargers and Servingware, Band Staging/Facades, Crystal Tower Rental, Custom Catering, etc.


Address: 2030 Main St 6th floor, Dallas, TX 75201, United States

Contact Details: +1 214-742-1526

Operating Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 9AM – 5PM

      Saturday: 9AM – 5PM

      Sunday – Monday: CLOSED

Estimate Cost: $3,500 – $9,000

Google Reviews Score4.6/5 (117 reviews)
WeddingWire Reviews Score4.8/5 (40 reviews)
Total Reviews 4/5 (157 reviews)
Score Consistency4.5/5
Overall Aesthetics5/5
Venue Capacity4.5/5
Staff Performance4.5/5
Planning Flexibility4.5/5


  • Very spacious interior with magnificent architectural designs
  • Highly customizable venue that’s great for any wedding theme
  • Offers a lot of extra features that add to the whole ambiance of the venue
  • Event staff members are very accommodating and ensure things go smoothly


  • Had past issues with appointments and rehearsal schedules
  • A bit confusing to get to and doesn’t have its own dedicated private parking 

With luxurious and gracefully designed facilities that seem fit for royalty, The Room on Main seems to be the perfect place be the king and queen on your wedding day.

We think its very spacious interior gives off a magnificent and gorgeous vibe no matter what wedding theme you’re going for. Although, we do think that it looks quite stellar with overarching themes of pink or rose gold.

Our own personal preferences aside, The Room on Main is simply a canvas that already looks quite great even without anything planned yet. It’s generally a very customizable venue that’s great for any wedding theme of your choice.

But we do notice that one of the things that don’t change is its champagne drapes.

They’re very tasteful drapes, nonetheless. Especially considering that it goes very well with the room’s towering 15-foot high windows.

It’ll still be a complete understatement to say that this venue definitely gets enough light during the day. Even in the dark of night, its elegant chandeliers coupled with various mood lighting options ensure that the party doesn’t stop until you pass out.

It even goes as far as to include pin spot lighting for your wedding cake and cool monograms on the dance floor. We think its accommodating coordinators and staff deserve huge props for making classy touches of ambiance like these possible.

Just make sure to frequently remind them of your wedding preferences, as they did have some past issues with appointments and rehearsal schedules.

They certainly need to put up more signs for the place, too. It’s quite hard to see from the street and could easily confuse guests who are from out of town.

While it doesn’t have its own private parking, there’s a multistory parking garage just across the street that you can conveniently rent out for the day of the event. 

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