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The 5 Best Tile Installers in Dallas Homepage

The 5 Best Tile Installers in Dallas

How We Picked:

Efficiency: The tile installers should be able to work within the agreed-upon schedule. Companies also get bonus points for arriving early.
Customer Service: The management should be easy to reach as well as amenable to schedule changes. We also value management teams that give free consultations.
Services Offered: The tile companies on this list should be able to lay tiles for different parts of a home, from kitchens to patios.
Service Team: The tile installers should be easy to work with. This includes being polite, guiding customers through the installation process, and leaving no collateral damage on the property.

1. Texas Built Construction

Texas Built Construction Homepage

Services: Home addition, tile installation, home renovation, home remodeling

Address: 860 Hembry St suite 401, Lewisville, TX 75057


Contact Number: +1 972-219-0729

Operation Hours: Monday – Saturday: 8am – 5pm, Sunday: Closed reviews score5/5
Houzzreviews score4.3/5
Google Reviews score4.7/5
Total reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency4.6/5
Customer Service4/5
Services Offered5/5
Service Team5/5


  • Specializes in home addition
  • Operates in Dallas and its surrounding cities
  • Customer service responds quick


  • Does not specialize in tile installation
  • Scheduling conflicts have happened

The Texas Built Construction is Dallas’ premier home remodeling and tile installing service. 

The company operates in Northern Texas, specifically Dallas and its surrounding areas including Denton, Frisco, Garland, Plano, Grapevine, and many more.

This company is recommended for homeowners that need home makeovers and renovations. 

In fact, Texas Built Construction actually specializes in home addition, which means adding more rooms, making spaces larger, and even adding a second floor. 

Of course, Texas Built Construction also offers tile installation services. We really recommend this, especially when extra spaces like patios, swimming pool areas, or kitchens are added.

Since this company is mostly in charge of constructing these spaces, its service crew will also know which tiles fit an area the best. 

Many clients we interviewed spoke highly of the company’s craftsmanship, stating that each project is done well and with little to no hassle.

However, this company is not recommended for homeowners that are solely in need of tile installation services. As a construction company, we cannot really say that Texas Built Construction specializes in tile installation. 

When it comes to its customer service, reviews are mostly positive. Many former clients we spoke to have vouched for the company’s speedy response to consultations on the phone.

There are, however, a couple of reviews online that write about miscommunication between clients and management, especially when it comes to scheduling.

Regardless, we think that Texas Built Construction is the best place for tile installation and home addition. 

2. Flooring Direct

Flooring Direct Homepage

Services: Hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, laminated flooring, tile installation, carpeting

Address: 9886 Chartwell Dr, Dallas, TX 75243


Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm, Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Contact Number: +1 214-390-0850

Yelp reviews score3.5/5 reviews score4.8/5
Google Reviews score4.7/5
Total reviews5/5
Score Consistency4/5
Customer Service4/5
Services Offered5/5
Service Team5/5


  • 60-month installments
  • Showroom
  • Also offers hardwood installation
  • Home consultations
  • Mobile showroom
  • Visualizer app


  • Too many tile designs to choose from can get overwhelming
  • Miscommunication from the customer service team has occurred

If you’re looking for an affordable tile installation company, Flooring Direct is our favorite pick. It is one of the best when it comes to flexible installation prices. 

It has a great financial plan through approved credit, in which clients can pay up to 60 months in installments. This type of flexibility is recommended for young homeowners.

There are a lot of tile designs for clients to choose from. When deciding on what type of tile design to install, Flooring Direct has a number of ways to guide clients. 

It has its own Dallas showroom that clients can visit during the weekdays. Management can also give home consultations through its mobile showroom. 

Clients will be able to schedule this by calling its customer service hotline. We do, however, have to take points off its customer service team, as there have been reviews of them mishandling orders. 

Regardless, its home consultation clients will be able to get a first-hand look at how each tile will suit their home. If that is not enough, then the company also has a phone app that acts as a visualizer. 

The app is completely free and allows clients to see in real-time how each tile will look on the kitchen, living room, swimming pool area, patio, and more. 

Specializing in all types of flooring, the company is also able to do carpet installation, hardwood installation, vinyl flooring, and many more. 

When it comes to its service crew, many former clients we talked to appreciate their professionalism and adherence to the set schedule. 

On most days, they arrive and start work early. The crew is very efficient with their work while still being able to finish with the desired level of quality.

3. Don’s Diamond Tile Inc.

Don’s Diamond Tile Inc. Homepage

Services: Bathroom remodeling, tiling, shower repair, shower pan replacement

Address: 4925 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206


Contact Number: +1 214-213-4914

Operation Hours: Monday – Saturday: 8am – 5pm, Sunday: Closed

Angi reviews score4.9/5
Facebook reviews score5/5
Google Reviews score4.4/5
Total reviews4.7/5
Score Consistency4.5/5
Customer Service5/5
Services Offered4/5
Service Team4.5/5


  • Specializes in kitchen and bathroom tiling
  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Also services towns surrounding Dallas
  • Clean and efficient workers


  • Does not offer tiling outside of kitchens and bathrooms
  • In-home consultations are not free

Don’s Diamond Tile inc. is our go-to tile installation service for kitchens and bathrooms. For over 40 years, this company has been servicing Dallas and its surrounding areas, including Frisco, Plano, Heath, Highland Park, Fort Worth, and many more.

Of course, since it only offers kitchen and bathroom tiling, customers with tiling needs outside of these two will have to find contractors elsewhere.

For kitchen tiling, Don’s Diamond Tile offers a variety of kitchen countertops and wall tiling. We really like this company for its expertise in plumbing as installing tiles in the bathroom can lead to broken pipes if not handled correctly. 

Unfortunately, its website does not show its tile offerings. Customers will have to go to the company’s showroom or schedule an in-home consultation.

Consultations can easily be scheduled through phone or email. Depending on how busy the week is, customers will be able to have their consultation the very next day.

Keep in mind, however, that in-home consultations are not free and will cost customers around $75. 

When it comes to the company’s service crew, many former clients we spoke to have praised their professionalism. Many state that they are very clean when remodeling, without leaving any mess seen during the aftermath of a project. 

Finally, while the company’s rates are on the expensive side, its services can last a long time especially when it comes to shower replacement and sealing off leaks. 

4. Mr. Handyman of Dallas

Mr. Handyman of Dallas Homepage

Services: Carpentry, tile installation, room remodeling, painting services, floor maintenance

Address: 5930 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy #250, Dallas, TX 75240


Contact Number: +1 972-627-4518

Operation Hours: Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm, Saturday: 8am – 4pm, Sunday: Closed

Angi reviews score4.4/5
Facebook reviews score4.4/5
Google Reviews score4.5/5
Total reviews4.7/5
Score Consistency5/5
Customer Service4.5/5
Services Offered5/5
Service Team4.5/5


  • Specializes in commercial business
  • Business has been open for 40 years
  • Multiple locations
  • Punctual service crew


  • Scheduling can be hard during peak seasons

When it comes to renovating commercial spaces, there’s no company better than Mr. Handyman to do the job. Operating since 1996, Mr. Handyman has franchises all over the country from California to New York, and even locations in Canada.

As a widely franchised business, its services will vary from location to location. Rest assured that its Dallas location is received well, with over 200 positive reviews on Google. 

We really like that outside of residential areas, Mr. Handyman offers its tile installation services to retail stores, restaurants, fast food chains, banks, hotels, and even hospitals.  

This just shows that it is able to work on different establishments without worry.

Each Mr. Handyman service crew member has at least 10 years of experience under their belt. 

Many clients we’ve talked to also praised their punctuality. They are trained to arrive at each house earlier than anticipated in order to prepare equipment and inspect the premises.

When it comes to its customer services, Mr. Handyman is reachable through phone or email. Clients we’ve talked to said that scheduling the installation or any other service is pretty easy.

In most cases, a project will be scheduled within the week. There are cases, especially during peak seasons like the holidays, where getting a schedule can take up to 3 weeks. 

5. All Flooring Install

All Floor Installing Homepage

Services: Hardwood flooring installation, ceramic tile installation, laminate flooring, stair sanding

Address: 606 Business Pkwy, Richardson, TX 75081


Contact Number: +1 972-679-3172

Operation Hours: Monday – Saturday: 8am – 5pm, Sunday: Closed reviews score4.3/5 reviews score4.7/5
Google Reviews score5/5
Total reviews4.2/5
Score Consistency4.7/5
Customer Service4.5/5
Services Offered5/5
Service Team5/5


  • Covers most of Dallas and its surrounding areas
  • Provides cheaper tiles
  • Offers free consultation
  • Contacting management is seamless


All Flooring Install should be any homeowner’s choice when it comes to all things flooring. It has a large service area based in Dallas and its surrounding areas, including Richardson, Allen, McKinney, and Plano.

We recommend this flooring company for any homeowners having problems with tile installation and stair maintenance. Its tiles are comparatively cheaper than the hardwood flooring that it offers and are also much more durable and low maintenance. 

However, compared to other tile installers, its tile designs are not readily available online. Its clients will have to call up its customer service hotline to get a consultation

Another reason we like All Flooring Install is that it gives out free consultations to anyone that inquires. Once a schedule has been approved, an estimator will arrive at the house to inspect it and guide homeowners on any floor renovations that are needed.

Filing for an estimate is pretty easy. All you need to do is fill out a form on All Flooring Install’s website and wait for management to get back to you.

When it comes to its service crew, many former clients have commended them for their professionalism and expertise. They are even consistently named in reviews for how well they work.

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