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The 5 Best Home Rental Companies in Dallas Homepage

The 5 Best Home Rental Companies in Dallas

How We Picked

Customer service – The overall treatment of the management and staff towards any prospective renters and current tenants.
Locations and amenities – The choices of locations, their surroundings, and the numerous amenities included with them.
Home maintenance – How well-maintained and prepared the listed homes for rent are for each tenancy period.
Affordability – How competitive the listed properties’ rental rates are on average compared to listings from other companies.  

1. Dallas Luxury Realty

Dallas Luxury Realty Homepage

Overview of Rentals: Homes for Rent, Condos for Rent, Apartments, Home Evaluation, Property Management, Search by Neighborhood, etc.


Address: 4144 N Central Expy Suite 1210 A, Dallas, TX 75204, USA

Contact Details: +1 214-754-7040

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 9AM – 7PM

      Saturday – Sunday: 10AM – 7PM

Google Reviews Score4.7/5 (92 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score5/5 (138 reviews)
Total Reviews4.5/5 (230 reviews)
Score Consistency4.5/5
Customer Service4.5/5
Locations and Amenities5/5
Home Maintenance4/5


  • Has a big list of luxurious properties for rent
  • Utilizes an effective apartment-locating service filled with essential details
  • Customer service is very knowledgeable about each rental home
  • Great at recommending rental properties within the client’s price range


  • Property availability may be dependent on inquirer’s credit score
  • Some apartment managers have been unprofessional

As one of the most popular sources of all sorts of rental properties in Dallas, Dallas Luxury Realty needs no further introduction.

Regardless of how popular it is, there’s still a chance that out-of-state folks may be unfamiliar with its services. If you ask us, it’s one of the best agencies to turn to if you’re looking to enjoy your stay in Dallas. 

With a big list of luxurious (and even okay-looking) properties for rent, we think you’ll be quite impressed with how much there is to browse.

Dallas Luxury Realty seems to have a radar for every nook and cranny of Dallas, as its effective apartment-locating service feeds you tons of essential property details.

While some of the cheaper properties listed honestly look less maintained, there’s still a high number of them that look like it was built yesterday.

From bungalows and apartments to townhouses and condominiums, you’re bound to find something you’d love to live in.

If you need a bit of help, we think that its customer service can gladly recommend rental properties within your budget. They’re pretty knowledgeable when it comes to managing such rental homes.

We still think it’s a bit of a stretch to expect them to instantly recognize one rental home pulled out of nearly 4000 listed properties.

Still, they do frequently add new entries, so you can expect to not run out of any options that they’re familiar with any time soon.

Just make sure to keep check of your credit score beforehand, as we’ve heard that some properties require a certain credit score to be eligible to rent.

One last thing to be wary of is that some apartment managers have been unprofessional in the past. So pray that the place you choose is managed by somebody that plays nice.

2. Lokal Stays

Lokal Stays Homepage

Overview of Rentals: Lake Highlands Loft, SweetHaven Lower Greenville, Barbie Dream House North Dallas, Majestic Gateway Downtown Dallas, Nid D’amour (Bryan Street), Matinee Madness Lower Greenville, etc. 


Address: 1920 McKinney Ave Suite 700, Dallas, TX 75201, United States

Contact Details: +1 469-251-0072

Operating Hours: Open 24/7

Rates: $68 – $135/night

Google Reviews Score4.7/5 (62 reviews)
Facebook Reviews Score4.6/5 (49 reviews)
Total Reviews4/5 (111 reviews)
Score Consistency5/5
Customer Service4.5/5
Locations and Amenities4.5/5
Home Maintenance5/5


  • Offers several beautiful locations at competitive prices
  • Highly personable staff members that assist proactively
  • Has a firm grasp of managing rental homes
  • Properties are consistently well-maintained


  • Has very strict and confusing cancellation policies
  • Lacks a bit of transparency about specific home details

Lokal Stays is a hip vacation home rental company with several great accommodations scattered around Dallas.

Even though it’s a smaller company, we think you’ll be quite surprised at how good the options can be considering its price points.

For what it focuses on, it still has a list of impressively beautiful apartments that definitely hold their own in the apartment rental industry.

They’re all reasonably priced as well, including the ones that are near the Downtown area.

At the time of writing, it has 12 available accommodations within Dallas, which honestly isn’t a lot. But since these are just rental apartments, you still shouldn’t have much trouble with their availability throughout the months.

To add to that, the rates are listed as “per night”, so you should have a more flexible idea of what your expenses will be. We do still recommend that you book any one of them a bit further in advance, just in case.

When you’re considering booking through Lokal, its staff members are highly personable and proactively assist you with your rental preferences.

We think they demonstrate a firm grasp of how to manage rental homes, as all of the 12 options we’ve mentioned seem consistently well-maintained.

To be fair, this is actually one of the possible upsides to having fewer options. It’ll be considerably easier for the management to take note of everything.

We do wish that the management was a bit more transparent about other specific details, though. For instance, some of the other options are actually multifamily residences wherein you share the space with other people.

It’s a bit tough to figure that out just by looking at the photos.

Also, make sure to carefully read about and keep its very strict cancellation policies in mind. Some tenants haven’t, and this has easily cost them well over a grand for a place that they didn’t get the chance to even stay in.

3. Dallas Apartment Locators

Dallas Apartment Locators Homepage

Overview of Rentals: Apartment Search, Property Tours, Relocating, Listings by Neighborhood (Uptown, Victory Park, Downtown, Addison, etc.)


Address: 3699 McKinney Avenue #222, Dallas, Texas 75204, USA

Contact Details: +1 214-999-1161

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 8AM – 10PM

Google Reviews Score4.8/5 (289 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score5/5 (123 reviews)
Total Reviews5/5 (412 reviews)
Score Consistency4.5/5
Customer Service4/5
Locations and Amenities5/5
Home Maintenance5/5


  • Offers a lot of rental homes in multiple neighborhoods in Dallas 
  • Highly flexible in accommodating client’s criteria and budget
  • Some pet-friendly apartment options are included in its list
  • Signing process for rent or lease is very streamlined


  • Sometimes unable to be contacted and slow in giving updates
  • Some staff has been very rude over the phone in the past

Dallas Apartment Locators is another agency that’s both big in options and big in popularity among Dallas residents.

With plenty of Dallas neighborhoods to choose from, it already presents an impressive scope of locations.

We think it definitely lives up to its name, and it’s generally a company that’s determined to locate the perfect place for anyone to rent at a certain price point.

It’s rather in-depth in both its search and even skillful in projecting the movement of the apartment rental market.

Thus, we think this is definitely one agency that you can entrust in not only finding a place but even timing your search to when rents go down.

Of course, it’s not applicable in every case, as some people already have a specific date in mind that they’re deadset on following.

Nevertheless, no matter what time of the year you choose to rent a place, we think Dallas Apartment Locators has got your back.

After all, it’s highly flexible in accommodating any client’s criteria and budget. You could set up an actual checklist of amenities that you’re looking for, and watch those boxes get ticked off one by one.

Working with this agency also means a hallelujah for pet lovers, as some of the apartment options on its list are also pet-friendly.

When all is said and done, you’re greeted with a very streamlined signing process for rents and leases. This further adds to the overall professionalism and efficiency of the agency.

But it’s not always this efficient, as it has been unable to be contacted on several occasions. It was also rather slow in giving updates in the past.

Some of its staff also leave a lot to be desired in terms of “politeness”, as they sound like they’re not that fond of their jobs. 

4. Goldnest Property Management

Goldnest Property Management Homepage

Overview of Rentals: Vacation Rental Homes, 24/7 Property Management, Bentwood, Cromwell, Black Hickory, Coral Hills, Frisco, Carrollton, Irving, Richardson, Arlington, Grand Prairie, etc.


Address: 14140 Midway Rd Suite# 106, Dallas, TX 75244, United States

Contact Details: +1 469-541-1110

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 8AM – 6PM

Google Reviews Score4.8/5 (94 reviews)
Facebook Reviews Score4.2/5 (5 reviews)
Total Reviews4/5 (99 reviews)
Score Consistency4/5 
Customer Service4.5/5
Locations and Amenities5/5
Home Maintenance4/5


  • Offers a very beautiful selection of homes for rent in Dallas
  • Homes have plenty of modern amenities as standard
  • Management communicates efficiently with property hosts
  • Can be contacted 24/7 in case of emergencies


  • Prone to having confused clients regarding its partnership with Airbnb
  • Some properties were badly maintained in the past

If you prefer the more natural and liberating setting of a vacation house than high-rise apartments, then Goldnest Property Management is your guide.

This is the perfect way to get a taste of what it’s like to live in a luxurious private house.

With a lot of great options that offer stunning views, this is one opportunity that you can splurge on if you’ve got the means.

Each location presented by Goldnest grants you access to lots of both indoor and outdoor amenities, which is an exceptional bonus to your grand living conditions.

The amenities within the properties themselves are not to be overlooked as well. 

The blend of modern technology with various styles of beautiful architecture is something that only companies like Goldnest can pull off for renters.

Because of how large the properties are, we think they’re one of the most quintessential examples of places to spend time with your family.

Even for just a while, the overall packages that Goldnest presents are something worth experiencing.

Its management also handles all communications with the property hosts quite efficiently, so you should be kicking back in no time.

We also like how the management can be contacted 24/7, as this serves as an assurance to the tenants that they’re ready for any case of emergency.

If we were to give another word of advice for choosing which property to rent, make sure you thoroughly get toured by its team.

Some other properties were badly maintained in the past, and this is something that can’t be easily spotted by just looking at its listings.

Also, be sure to ask as many questions as you can beforehand, especially regarding its policies. Considering it has partnerships with Airbnb, a lot of past clients were easily confused by both Goldnest and Airbnb’s reservation policies amid the pandemic.

This can easily cost you thousands of dollars if you’ve already made a deposit but decide to not push through with the reservation.

5. The Realm Agency

The Realm Agency Homepage

Overview of Rentals: Apartment Complexes in Medical District, Downtown, McKinney, Deep Ellum, The Cedars, West Dallas, Victory Park, Old East Dallas, Irving, Oak Lawn, Cityplace, White Rock, Preston Hollow, etc.


Address: 1537 Singleton Blvd, Dallas, TX 75212, United States

Contact Details: +1 214-814-4117

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 10AM – 7PM

      Saturday: 11AM – 5PM

      Sunday: CLOSED

Rates: (Short-Term) 1 Bedroom – $1600

2 Bedrooms – $2000

3 Bedrooms – $3000

Google Reviews Score5/5 (261 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score5/5 (12 reviews)
Total Reviews4.5/5 (273 reviews)
Score Consistency5/5
Customer Service4.5/5
Locations and Amenities4.5/5
Home Maintenance5/5


  • Has a wide variety of rental options fit for almost any budget
  • Overall application process is efficient and timely
  • Lots of Dallas neighborhoods to suit your area of preference
  • Starting rates are transparently listed on its website


  • Lacked a bit of transparency regarding property details in the past
  • Most of its apartments are completely unfurnished

Only professionals in the world of property rentals can reliably guide you to your new “home away from home”. 

That’s where The Realm Agency comes in; a company with a knack for spotting the best home rental deals to suit your lifestyle.

With its team of real estate professionals, it has seemingly mastered the art of searching for the perfect apartment according to even the most specific of criteria.

Aside from the insights of hundreds of happy tenants, we ourselves can confirm the amount of effort that The Realm exerts into providing such rental opportunities.

Instead of struggling to search far and wide for an affordable place to stay, anyone that avails of The Realm’s services is already one step ahead of other apartment hunters.

Despite the fact that most of its apartment listings are unfurnished, we’re still glad to hear that it can easily source furniture rentals for you.

We’ve also found that the overall application process is very efficient and timely with the agency’s help. These are definitely some of the perks of having professionals do the work for you.

And what’s better than that is you don’t even have to pay The Realm a penny for it. Its professionals get paid by the property’s manager, which is actually a common but great way for you to save money with these kinds of services.

We also quite appreciate the fact that it has publicly listed each property’s rates on the website. Even the basic rental rates according to the number of bedrooms are listed, which leads us to believe it has a significant amount of transparency as well. 

There were some instances, however, that it was not that transparent about property details in the past. Some of the agents back then were a bit stingy about who they share details with, but they’re gladly not around anymore.

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