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What is a good salary in Dallas

What is a good salary in Dallas?

Texas is one of the cheapest states, so you won’t need as high of a salary to live comfortably in Dallas compared to the rest of the country.

Annual expenses usually amount to $39,768 for single persons, which is much more than what Dallas’ minimum wage earners can afford. The minimum wage is just $15,080 for private-sector workers and $32,240 for government workers.

A good salary is anything over $60,000 in gross annual income, and it’s important to know why. Now, this may seem like a lot, but it’s a lot lower than the national living wage of $104,077 a year.  

Here’s a breakdown of what these salaries can provide you with.

What is considered a good salary in Dallas for 2023?

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A good salary in Dallas is at least $60,000 a year, leaving you with $46,593 after taxes. For families of three or four, $74,880 a year is a good salary.

This is enough to provide for a single person’s food, bills, transportation, and healthcare while still leaving enough for indulgences. 

You may have noticed that Dallas’ median salary is pretty low after tax compared to the national median of $58,260, but it’s just because of the city’s low cost of living

The average single Dallas resident spends just $18,600 a year on basic necessities. 

Unfortunately, Dallas’ minimum wage isn’t enough to live a comfortable life. As of 2021, the minimum wage is $15,080 for the private sector and $32,240 for government workers.

These values are far below the living wage in Dallas of at least $60,000 for single persons. 

Estimated Monthly Expenses vs a Good Salary in Dallas

Estimated Monthly Expenses vs a Good Salary in Dallas

A good salary in Dallas is at least $60,000 in gross income, meaning a wage of $28 per hour. The average annual expenses for a single person in Dallas total $39,768.

These only include the basics like rent, transportation, food, and health. $60,000 leaves you with enough for leisure and savings.

The only local taxes are sales and property taxes. Adding all this, residents’ taxes in Dallas are 14.15% in federal income taxes, 7.65% in FICA, and 8.25% in sales tax.

Given this, here are the monthly expenses a net income of $46,920 is expected to cost in Dallas. The total costs come up to $3,314, leaving $596 a month for personal indulgences or savings.

Living FactorMonthly Expenses
Housing $1,216/month
$0.91/L (Gas)

With a gross income of $100K, you will have $74,515 in disposable income. Naturally, more luxurious living conditions can be afforded such as what can be seen here.

Total expenses come up to roughly $4,152 a month, leaving $1,790 for leisure or savings.

Living FactorMonthly Expenses
Housing (Luxury Home)$2,007/month
Transport (Auto Loan)$900/month
$0.91/L (Gas)

Gross vs Net Salary

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Dallas has no local income tax, so you only have to worry about federal taxes. The federal income tax rate is 14.15% plus 7.65% for social security. 

Overall, Dallas salaries get a deduction of 21.8% per year. 

Gross salary refers to the total amount of money earned by an individual before any deductions or taxes are taken out. This is what an employee is paid by their employer before any adjustments or reductions are made. 

Gross salary is used as the basis for calculating deductions, taxes, and other withholding. It is also the number that is used to determine an employee’s eligibility for benefits and other compensations like insurance.

Net salary, on the other hand, is the amount of money an individual takes home after deductions and taxes have been taken out. It is what an individual can use to cover their living expenses such as rent, food, and other bills.

Like the rest of the country, social security taxes in Dallas are considered separate from income taxes, so they are deducted from the total gross income rather than being added to the federal income tax.

Based on these rates, a gross salary of $60,000 with a net income of $46,920 is needed to live comfortably in Dallas. A good bookkeeper can help you keep track of your financials.

Here is a breakdown of how much will be deducted from a $60,000 salary.

TaxPercentage DeductedAmount Deducted
Federal Tax14.15%$8,490
Social Security Tax6.2%$3,720
Medicare Tax1.45%$870

Salaries of the Most Common and In-Demand Jobs in Dallas

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Dallas’ median salary is $45,200, which is below the living wage. This means that the majority of workers in Dallas earn less than the minimum to live comfortably.

The most common jobs pay from $21,779 to $76,924. The most in-demand jobs, on the other hand, pay from $23,274 to $94,795.

The highest-paying jobs in Dallas are mostly in healthcare and tech, but these represent just a small percentage of the city’s workforce.

Here’s a list of the most common and in-demand jobs in Dallas by Zippia.

Most Common Jobs in DallasAverage Salary in DallasEntry Level Salary
Customer Service Representative$25,571$17,000
Sales Associate$35,058$18,000
Administrative Assistant$29,412$18,000
Security Officer$26,367$19,000
Sales Representative$52,413$23,000
Assistant Manager$42,944$24,000
Most In-Demand Jobs in DallasAverage Salary in DallasEntry Level Salary
Registered Nurse$67,698$43,000
Sales Associate$35,058$18,000
Account Executive$55,671$28,000
Senior Associate$79,335$50,000
Customer Service Representative$25,571$17,000
Senior Software Engineer$94,795$72,000
Security Officer$26,367$19,000
Solutions Architect$91,840$71,000
General Manager$66,713$33,000

Dallas has a noticeable gender wage gap, so not all workers in the same field earn the same amount. Part-time employees also earn half as much as full-time employees. 

Here’s some additional information on Dallas’ average earnings. 

ClassificationAverage Earnings in Dallas
Males $25/hour
Full-Time Employees$22/hour
Part-Time Employees$13/hour

Average Salary in Dallas in 2023

Average Salary in Dallas in 2023

Dallas’ average salary is $65,247 before tax or $31.37/hr. This salary is more common in healthcare, tech, and more senior roles. 

For reference, here are the jobs in Dallas that pay at least the average salary.

Job TitleAverage Salary
Registered Nurse$67,698
General Manager$66,713
Operations Manager$71,990
Sales Manager$77,542
Senior Software Engineer$94,795
Quality Assurance Analyst$66,214
Human Resources Manager$80,280

The Average Cost of Living in Dallas

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The average cost of living in Dallas amounts to $3,314 a month. You can expect to spend a total of $1,104 without rent and hospitalization.  

The average rent in Dallas for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,216/month, but it will vary depending on the landlord and neighborhood.

Basic necessities minus rent include utilities, food, healthcare, and transportation.

Living FactorMonthly Expenses
Utilities$300/month total
Electricity¢9.72/kWh (Commercial)¢14.47/kWh (Residential)
Water (One Person)$50/month
HVAC Repair$397
Cleaning Services$17.16/hr
$0.91/L (Gas)
DART Bus & Train$2.50 one-way, $6 day pass
DART Streetcar$1 one-way, $6 day pass
Taxi$2.80 starting fee, +$1.12/km
Car Rental$68/day
Food and Groceries$214/month
Meal, Small Restaurant$20
Meal, Mid-range Restaurant (three-course)$37.5
Mcdonald’s meal$8
Bread$2.79/half kg
Eggs (White, Dozen)$3.36
Chicken Breast$11.7/kg
Bottled Water$1.42/L
Toilet Paper (4 Rolls)$2.17
Healthcare$531/month (Routine Checkups)
Ambulance Ride (Dallas Resident)$1,578
Ambulance Ride (Non-Dallas Resident)$1,678
Wellness Visit (1 Session)$120
Doctor’s Appointment$129.78
Dentist’s Appointment$130.42
Optometrist Appointment$116.56
Physical Therapy (1 Home Visit)$87
Therapy (Individual, 50 Minutes)$185

After the expenses above, you’ll be left with roughly $2,700 left to spend for rent. Here’s a list of the least and most expensive neighborhoods in Dallas you can afford.

Most Expensive NeighborhoodsAverage Rent
Downtown Dallas$2,389/month
Uptown Dallas$2,335/month
Victory Park$2,316/month
Bryan Place$2,175/month
Charlestone Square$2,175/month
Least Expensive NeighborhoodsAverage Rent
Frazier Fellowship$993/month
Arbor Ridge$926/month
Casa Loma Estates$926/month
Garden Heights$926/month
South Oak$926/month

Assuming $3,314 in monthly expenses including rent and healthcare, there will be $568 left for personal spending. Personal expenses vary from person to person, so here’s a list of what to expect.

Gym Membership$40/month
Cinema Ticket (1 Ticket)$13
Theater Tickets (2 Tickets, Best Seats)$451
Bar$7/500mL (Beer)$14 (Cocktail)
Comedy Bar (1 Ticket, General Admission)$10
Nightclub$15 (Cover Charge)$7/500mL (Beer)$14 (Cocktail)$400 (Vodka, 1 Bottle)

Salary Needed to Live Comfortably in Dallas

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Dallas is in the top 3 most expensive cities in Texas, so a salary of $60,320 a year is needed to live comfortably. This range is enough to let a single person cover everything they need. 

Bigger households, like a family of three, need $74,880 in combined income to live comfortably. 

All in all, here is what a comfortable salary will cover for singles and families.

Type of HouseholdFoodAccommodationTransportation Total
1 Person$12/month$1,352/month$186/month$1,550/month
Family of 3$45/ month$2,300/month$558/month$2,903/month

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Dallas

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Dallas

The highest-paying jobs in Dallas are mostly C-level executives and healthcare professionals. 

These jobs consist of roughly 20% of the Dallas labor force and get paid from $231,467 to $326,301, while an associate professor of surgery is the only one to earn above $500,000 at $750,000.

Here are the top 10 jobs with the highest salaries.

Job TitleAverage Salary
Associate Professor Of Surgery$750,000
Orthopaedic Surgeon$290,525
Pain Management Physician$251,007
President/Chief Executive Officer$238,313
Senior Vice President$234,412
Hospitalist Physician$231,467

What is the middle-class salary in Dallas?

Middle-class salary in Dallas ranges from $51,000 to $152,000. Those in the middle class are the ones that earn enough to sustain themselves while still affording luxuries like private education.

What is a good salary in Dallas for a family?

$74,880 is a good salary for families with one or two children in Dallas. This range is enough to pay the bills and send the kids to school.

For reference, here’s what families can expect to spend while living in Dallas. 

Cost of LivingDallas Average Cost
Food$75 (Mid-range Restaurant)
$126.9/week (Groceries)
Education$11,278/year (Private Preschool)
$13,361/year (Private Elementary)
$17,962/year (Private High School)
$61,980/year (Southern Methodist University)

Does Dallas have a high cost of living?

Dallas’ cost of living is not that high, but its cost of living index is higher than the state’s. The cost of living index uses the national average as the base point, or 100. 

Dallas’ cost of living index is 101, meaning it’s 1% more costly than the national average. Meanwhile, Texas’ index is 94.2.

What is considered rich in Dallas?

A salary that is considered rich, or among the top 5% of Dallas residents, is at least $102,910. This range is only earned by 5% of the population.

Jobs that earn this much are usually C-level executives and healthcare professionals.

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