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Top 14 Parks in Dallas That Every Nature Lover Should Explore

One lazy Sunday afternoon, I found myself in a “Netflix coma” after binge-watching who-knows-what for hours. Suddenly, a sunbeam from my window nudged me awake, and I realized I needed some fresh air—immediately!

Determined to break free from my indoor hibernation, I embarked on a journey to find the perfect park in Dallas, armed with Google Maps and a mission to rediscover nature.

What started as a quest for vitamin D turned into a full-fledged park-hopping adventure. 

From mistaking a duck pond for a tranquil lake (it was not) to discovering hidden trails that led to unexpected city vistas, my trip through these places became a series of surprises and newfound favorite spots. 

So, if you’re ready to swap screen time for green time, let me guide you through the top 14 parks in Dallas that will make you forget about Netflix for a while. Trust me, these are the antidotes to any indoor doldrums!

1. Klyde Warren Park 

Address 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy 
Phone 214 716 4500
Operating hours Monday to Sunday: 6 – 11 pm 

Klyde Warren Park is a 5.2-acre green space located in downtown Dallas, and it’s built over the Woodall Rodgers Freeway.

The park opened in 2012, and it’s named after Klyde Warren, the young son of billionaire Kelcy Warren, who donated $10 million to make this park happen.

If you have kids, they’ll love the Children’s Park with its interactive fountains, playgrounds, a storytelling tree, and a butterfly garden. 

For a more relaxed vibe, head over to the Great Lawn. It’s a huge grassy area that’s perfect for picnics, tossing a frisbee, or just chilling out on a nice day.

The park also has a Performance Pavilion where you can catch all sorts of events throughout the year, from concerts and movies to fitness classes. 

And if you get hungry, no worries—there are several restaurants within the park offering a variety of delicious cuisines.

2. AT&T Discovery District

Address 308 S Akard St
Phone 214 782 6000

If you want to experience a mix of tech, culture, and entertainment, go to the AT&T Discovery District. It’s the perfect place where everything comes together in a unique way.

Imagine wandering through an open area filled with great restaurants, trendy shops, and sleek office spaces. But it’s not just about the buildings—there are incredible public art installations too. 

One of the big highlights is The Globe. It’s a massive, 30-foot-tall 3D version of the AT&T logo, decked out with 30,000 LEDs. 

You can actually walk inside and catch an amazing light and sound show—pretty spectacular, right?

Another favorite spot is The Exchange, which is basically a foodie’s paradise. It’s a two-story food hall with over 20 vendors serving up all kinds of delicious food from around the world. 

Whether you’re craving sushi, tacos, or something sweet, you’re covered. 

Plus, there’s also an AT&T store if you need any tech gear, a movie theater to catch the latest flicks, and even a bowling alley for some fun.

3. Thanks-Giving Square

Address 1627 Pacific Ave 
Phone 214 969 1977
Operating hours Monday to Sunday: 9 – 4 pm 

Thanks-Giving Square is a unique park where people from all different backgrounds can come together to reflect on gratitude and spirituality. It’s one of those places that really embodies the spirit of our city.

When you visit here, you can’t miss the Chapel of Thanks-Giving. It’s a beautiful white structure designed by Philip Johnson, who’s kind of a big deal in the architectural world (he even won the Pritzker Prize!). 

The chapel has this remarkable curving shape that symbolizes the spiral of life, and its upward reach is all about the human spirit striving for more.

Beyond that, there’s a lovely landscaped garden where you can take a peaceful walk. Plus, it’s connected to the underground pedestrian network in Dallas, so you can easily explore more of the city from there. 

Oh, and a fun fact: the Bullington Truck Terminal is part of the complex too!

4. Pacific Plaza

Media credit: orange0804 

Address 401 N Harwood St 
Operating hours Open 24 hours 

Pacific Plaza used to be just a plain old parking lot. They started transforming it in 2018, and by October 2019, it had reopened as the beautiful green space we have today.

You’ll find all sorts of amenities here that cater to everyone. There’s a pavilion where you can hang out and lots of open lawns that are great for picnics or just lounging around. 

And the swings! They’re super popular with both kids and adults. 

One of the coolest features, in my opinion, is this long, snaking seat wall. It winds its way through the park and is a great spot to sit down, relax, and enjoy the view.

But what’s really interesting is how the park’s design pays homage to Dallas’s history. If you look closely at the steel panels of the pavilion, you’ll see they’re perforated in Morse code.

It’s actually the signatures for every local stop along the old Texas and Pacific Railroad. A pretty neat detail, right?

5. Carpenter Park 

Media credit: visit_dallas 

Address 2201 Pacific Ave 
Operating hours Open 24 hours 

Carpenter Park is the biggest park in our urban core, covering almost 6 acres. It finally opened in May 2022 after more than a decade of planning and construction, and it’s totally worth the wait. 

You won’t run out of things to do here. Whether you want to shoot some hoops on the basketball court, let your dog run free in the dog park, or cool off in the interactive fountain, there’s something for everyone. 

If you have kids, they’ll love the playscape, and for a more relaxed vibe, you can wander through the beautiful gardens or stroll along the walking paths.

And don’t miss the public art installations, either! There’s Robert Irwin’s “Portal Park Slice” and a statue of John W. Carpenter by Robert Berks. 

They really add a unique touch to the park!

6. Main Street Garden 

Media credit: josephhaubert 

Address 1902 Main St 
Phone 214 744 1270 
Operating hours Open 24 hours 

Another great park you can visit downtown is Main Street Garden. It’s a 1.75-acre space that locals love for its peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle.

The park has this huge lawn where you can lean back or have a picnic, which is perfect when the weather’s nice. If you’ve got little ones, there’s a toddler play area where they can run around safely. 

Dog lovers will appreciate the dedicated dog run too—it’s a nice area for your furry friends to burn off some energy.

It doesn’t stop there; Main Street Garden is also home to a number of water fountains and public artworks scattered throughout. Plus, there’s free Wi-Fi, so you can stay connected while enjoying the outdoors.

If you get hungry, go to City Park Cafe for some snacks and drinks. And if you time your visit right, you might catch one of the many events held here, like the famous smoked Texas barbecue festival.

7. White Rock Lake Park 

Address 8300 E Lawther Dr 
Phone 214 660 1100 
Operating hours Monday to Sunday: 5 – 11 pm 

Spanning over 1,000 acres, White Rock Lake has all kinds of activities and is a great place to connect with nature.

You’ll love the 9.33-mile trail that wraps around the lake; it’s perfect for hiking, biking, or jogging. And for some water adventure, you can rent a kayak or paddleboard and enjoy the calm, scenic pond.

For all the nature enthusiasts out there, this park is also a dream. You can spot over 200 species of birds, and don’t be surprised if you see turtles, fish, and even coyotes during your visit!

History and culture buffs, you’re in for a treat too. The White Rock Lake Museum gives you a fascinating glimpse into the lake’s past. 

The Bath House Cultural Center is always buzzing with art exhibits, performances, and community events.

But with all of these amenities you can enjoy—admittedly, sometimes you just want to kick back and relax, right? Yes, you can do that—just grab a picnic blanket and find a shady spot, or fire up one of the designated grills for a barbecue. 

The lake views are absolutely beautiful and perfect for unwinding.

8. Trammell Crow Park 

Media credit: bennersue 

Address 3700 Sylvan Ave 
Operating hours Open 24 hours 

Trammell Crow Park might not be the biggest park around, but it’s got a lot of charm packed into its modest size.

First off, the scenery is top-notch. You’ve got this serene little lake, sometimes called Crow Lake, where you can relax and catch some mind-blowing views of the downtown Dallas skyline. 

It’s like a postcard come to life—ideal for a lazy picnic or a relaxing walk.

And then there’s the art scene. Imagine stumbling upon these quirky stone cow sculptures scattered throughout the park. 

They’re kind of whimsical and great for snapping some Instagram-worthy shots.

But that’s not all—Trammell Crow Park links up with not one but two trails: the Trinity Skyline Trail and the Levee Top Loop Trail, which offer a total of over 6 miles of paths for biking, jogging, or just exploring nature. 

It’s a great way to stay active while soaking up the fresh air and greenery.

9. Lakeside Park 

Media credit: jewellyap 

Address 4601 Lakeside Dr 
Phone 214 521 4161
Operating hours Monday to Friday: 7:30 – 4:30 pm 

Lakeside Park just reopened not too long ago, around May 8th this year, after some major renovations. 

Here, you can enjoy a scenic view of Turtle Creek, nice walking paths, benches to sit on, and a quaint little bridge.

But what makes this place even more interesting is that there’s this adorable Teddy Bear sculpture hidden somewhere in the park that everyone loves snapping photos with. It’s kind of a local treasure hunt!

And if you visit in the spring, you’ll be treated to stunning azalea blooms—it’s like walking through a floral wonderland. 

Just a heads-up: the Lakeside is open from sunrise to sunset, and while there’s no official parking lot, street parking is usually available. You can also hop on a bus to get here pretty easily.

10. Lynn Creek Park 

Media credit: climbingwithkush 

Address 5610 Lake Ridge Pkwy, Grand Prairie 
Phone 972 237 4120 
Operating hours Monday to Sunday: 6 – 10 pm 

At Lynn Creek Park, you can go swimming, boating, or just chill with a picnic. It’s a 784-acre waterfront park, perfect for a fun-filled day out. 

One of the highlights is definitely the new white-sand beach. It’s like having a little piece of the coast here. 

If you’ve got kids, they’ll love the playground, and the fact that there are restrooms and showers means you can freshen up after a dip in the water. Boaters will also appreciate the two boat ramps with eight lanes; it’s super convenient! 

For picnic lovers, you’re in luck too. The park boasts almost 100 picnic sites, and if you’re coming with a big group, there are group picnic pavilions available. 

Plus, there’s a sand volleyball court if you’re up for some friendly competition.

Just a heads up: the park is open from March 1 through September 30, so make sure to plan your visit within that window.

11. Bachman Lake Park 

Media credit: ogmoo2 

Address 3500 W Northwest Hwy 
Phone 214 670 4100

Bachman Lake Park is a huge, 205-acre urban park that’s super popular for nature lovers and adventure seekers. What attracts people to come here is the 3-mile paved hike and bike trail that loops around the scenic Bachman Lake. 

It’s perfect for a morning jog or a leisurely bike ride. Plus, if you’re into water activities, there’s a boat ramp and a boathouse, so you can easily get out on the lake.

But it doesn’t stop there; the park is also packed with scenic areas to relax on and have a picnic, a playground where the kids can let loose, and even a volleyball court for some fun games. 

For those who love a good workout, there’s an exercise circuit with 16 stations along the trail too, so you can mix up your routine while enjoying the fresh air.

12. Belo Garden/Civic Garden 

Media credit: downtowndallasparks 

Address 1014 Main St 
Phone 214 744 1270
Operating hours Monday to Sunday: 7 – 10 pm 

As you wander through Belo Garden, also known as Civic Garden Park, you’ll be surrounded by over 100 trees and more than 10,000 ornamental grasses, seasonal flowers, and shrubs. 

It’s like a mini botanical garden in the heart of the city!

The park also has shaded areas and a central plaza that’s ideal for relaxing with a good book on hand or enjoying a picnic lunch.

But one of my favorite features is the central fountain. I mean, the calming vibes it gives are so mesmerizing—you can just sit somewhere and appreciate the peaceful atmosphere.

13. Griggs Park 

Media credit: choctawnativejp

Address 2200 Hugo St
Phone 214 670 4100 
Operating hours Monday to Sunday: 6 – 11 pm 

Griggs Park in Uptown Dallas has been around since 1915, so you know it’s got that historic charm mixed with all the modern amenities. 

People keep coming back here for various reasons: one, because it offers a relaxing vibe, and two, they simply want to have a picnic under the big, shady trees. 

You can also bring a book, catch some rays, or bring the kids to play in the playground—they’ve really fixed it up nicely. 

And if you’re up for a more active option, there’s a basketball court too.

14. Exall Park 

Media credit: friendsofexallpark 

Address 1355 Adair St 
Phone 214 670 4100
Operating hours Monday to Sunday: 5 – 11 pm 

Exall Park was established way back in 1914 by the famous architect George Kessler. He is also recognized for designing Fair Park and a bunch of other iconic spots downtown. 

The park’s got everything you could want: a recreation center, a playground for the kids, hoops to shoot some baskets, a softball field, pleasant walking paths, and this big open meadow where they host events. 

If you’re ever in the mood to give back, there’s a nonprofit called Friends of Exall Park that keeps things well-maintained. They’re always grateful for any donations to help preserve the park.

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