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The 5 Best Private Investigators in Dallas Homepage

The 6 Best Private Investigators in Dallas

How We Picked

Professional credibility – This can refer to various licenses, certificates, and backgrounds that deem a private investigator qualified for practice. 
Reputation – What clients, organizations, and fellow practitioners can testify about the overall nature and quality of services provided by the private investigator.
Specialization – The scope of services that the private investigator can provide such as investigations, surveillance, and background checking.
Availability – Takes into consideration the operating hours, response time, and overall approachability of the private investigator and its services.

1. ACES Private Investigations Dallas

ACES Private Investigations Dallas Homepage

Services Offered: Surveillance, Background, Cheating Spouses, Harassment, Bankruptcy Records, Asset Investigations, Civil Court Records, Locating Witnesses, Locating Missing People, Marriage/Divorce Records, Criminal Records, Divorce/Custody, Driving Records, Education and Employment Verification, etc.


Address: 1341 West Mockingbird Lane #600w, Dallas, Texas 75247, United States

Contact Details: +1 214-451-3185

Operating Hours: Open 24/7

Google Reviews Score4.6/5 (48 reviews)
Thumbtack Reviews Score4.9/5 (18 reviews)
Total Reviews4/5 (66 reviews)
Score Consistency4/5
Professional credibility5/5


  • Utilizes a whole team of highly-skilled and proactive private investigators
  • Gives timely updates and well-written reports 
  • Costs are given with utmost transparency
  • Ready to serve 24/7


  • Needs a bit of preparation time for sudden requests during investigations

ACES Private Investigations makes its variety of services available to anyone in Dallas looking for utmost privacy and safety.

Utilizing not just one, but several highly-trained private investigators, you can expect to get a whole team that’s proactive and capable of granting you peace of mind.

It’s common to say that there’s strength in numbers, and we think this is definitely true for ACES’ case.

Several brains can work faster than one, and this is thankfully evident in the way that the team gives timely updates and well-written reports for each client.

It’s an impressive team, to say the least. One that is dedicated to uncovering the truth that every client deserves.

Of course, even the truth of ACES’ costs is communicated well upfront. We always appreciate this kind of transparency when it comes to money.

Doubling as a bodyguard service, ACES seems to be equipped with both brains and brawns. 

We think it’s an impressive way of showing people how well it can search and protect simultaneously. It really shows how versatile the personnel of ACES are as well.

What’s even better is that all of these services are up and running 24/7. This certainly earns it big points in the availability department.

We know just how important it is to have relevant services such as a private investigator be available in trying and desperate times.

But even this can be limited in the way that you contact the private investigator. This seems apparent at least during ACES’ investigation process.

Should you decide to give extra instructions to its team after the investigation has already been set, they would need a bit of time to adjust to that.

So to set things straight, just because ACES’ team operates 24 hours, doesn’t mean they can be immediately called to action (especially in the middle of the night).

2. Gil Wilson Private Investigator

Gil Wilson Private Investigator Homepage

Services Offered: Pre Trial and Litigation Support, Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Family and Divorce Matters, Corporate and Business Investigations, International Investigations, Consultation, Opposition Research, Undercover Operations, etc.


Address: 2649 Hartman Street, Dallas, TX 75204, USA

Contact Details: (214) 202-9368

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 7AM – 12AM

Google Reviews Score4.9/5 (96 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score5/5 (5 reviews)
Total Reviews5/5 (101 reviews)
Score Consistency5/5
Professional credibility5/5


  • Has impressive credentials in national and international investigative services
  • Has a combined background in law enforcement, the military, and academics
  • Great in communicating and supporting clients
  • Business hours are extended until midnight the whole week


  • A sole practitioner, which could affect total time taken in investigations 

Gil Wilson is a sole practice private investigator who’s able to display a very impressive set of credentials and a solid reputation.

Mr. Wilson has a combined background in law enforcement, the military, and academics. 

Because of this, he’s got an extensive collection of knowledge that can be applied to a broad variety of different cases. It’s pretty admirable, to say the least.

From handling different types of criminal and civil cases to verifying military records, he’s pretty much able to serve and represent clients from all walks of life.

What’s even more impressive is that his service history isn’t just limited to Dallas or even the whole country for that matter.

Mr. Wilson has had the opportunity to represent clients from several European, Asian, and South American countries.

This further extrapolates his overall expertise and capabilities as a private investigator, in our opinion.

For a private investigator to go above and beyond the call of duty like this is something that takes a lot of self-discipline and perseverance. We believe that Mr. Wilson possesses these qualities and a lot more.

Even the Dallas police department itself highly recommends him, which makes sense as he was also a Dallas police officer back then.

It’s also noteworthy how great he is at communicating and supporting any client.

His being a former US marine sergeant probably explains his impressive self-discipline. But it’s great that he also balances it with a genuine willingness to help people through tough times.

We honestly don’t know how he manages to do this good as a sole practitioner. 

Sure he does have staff, but it’s still different from having a dedicated team to share the burden of each case with. This is why we think he could take a little bit more time between investigations.

The good news is that he operates every single day until midnight. Thus, his services are still considerably available week by week.

3. Tridentity Services Dallas

Tridentity Services Dallas Homepage

Services Offered: Investigation, Process Service, Surveillance, Criminal Investigation, Pre Trial Investigation, Civil Investigation, Business Investigation, Asset Investigation, Marriage Investigation, Skip Tracing, Locating Witnesses, Child Custody and Visitation Investigations, Child Support Enforcement and Collection Investigation, Elder Abuse Investigation, Background Checking.


Areas Served: Carrolton and surrounding areas

Contact Details: +1 469-844-7515

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 9AM – 6PM

      Saturday – Sunday: CLOSED

Google Reviews Score5/5 (25 reviews)
Wimgo Reviews Score5/5 (10 reviews)
Total Reviews3/5 (35 reviews)
Score Consistency5/5
Professional credibility5/5


  • Has professional personnel that is proficient in all phases of investigation
  • Demonstrates great determination in handling and solving every client’s case
  • Collaborates with selected agencies over the US for new technology and innovations
  • Has great customer service that is proactive and thorough in communication


  • Closes a bit earlier and not available on the weekends

Tridentity Services makes use of its organizational commitment to providing investigation services with only the latest and most innovative technology.

With society being more technologically adept nowadays, the nature of any wrongdoings can also become more complex and easy to hide.

This is why it’s a big plus that Tridentity keeps up with the times and can even be one step ahead of any situation before it escalates.

Whether it’s through skip tracing or general location and surveillance, Tridentity can make effective use of its technology to make any investigation a whole lot smoother.

With professional personnel behind the wheel, Tridentity is in a great position to handle and solve a whole variety of cases that demand proficiency in all aspects of an investigation.

The investigation industry can surely be demanding, which is why it’s good to know that Tridentity collaborates with selected agencies across the U.S.

It’s thanks to its partnership with these agencies that it is able to procure the newest investigative technology in the first place.

We think it’s a great sign of being well-prepared for any case, which in turn makes it a good reason to consider its services.

To add the cherry on top, you can expect great customer service that’s pretty proactive and thorough in its communication.

After all, quick and accurate communication is key. You wouldn’t want your team of investigators to delay serious matters too much or even find the wrong person, right?

The main caveat to Tridentity’s services is its slightly more limited operating hours. It closes a bit earlier and it doesn’t help that it’s not open at all during the weekends.

It’s not the most ideal choice when you’re quite busy throughout the day, so keep that in mind when considering its services.

4. Red Door Investigations LLC

Red Door Investigations LLC Homepage

Services Offered: General Surveillance, Domestic Investigation, Mobile Notary, Digital Forensics, Background/Pre-Employment Screening, Serve Process.


Address: 6805 1001 Altamesa Boulevard, Fort Worth 76115, United States

Contact Details: +1 682-777-0866

Operating Hours: Open 24/7

Google Reviews Score5/5 (24 reviews)
Trust Index Reviews Score4.9/5 (17 reviews)
Total Reviews3/5 (41 reviews)
Score Consistency5/5
Professional credibility5/5


  • Balances professionalism and empathy well while working with clients
  • Has a diverse network of personnel that are responsive and invested in each case
  • Able to provide fixed and mobile surveillance within the DFW area
  • Open 24 hours for the whole week


  • Slightly more limited in specific services

Red Doors Investigation LLC is a good example of a private investigator that’s got the entirety of the DFW area covered with its investigative services.

Each member of its investigation team is part of a diverse network of licensed professionals in the field. Needless to say, you’ll be in the hands of competent people at the bare minimum.

Such members adhere to only the highest level of Red Doors and even other investigative associations’ standards.

With operating hours covering the whole 168 hours in a week (24/7 for those who hate math), you can be certain it’s just one call or message away.

Though its list of services is noticeably fewer, it’s still good to see that it constantly strives to provide such services with the utmost ethics and integrity kept in mind.

What it may seemingly lack in quantity, it certainly makes up for it in quality.

Part of the quality of work that it provides is thanks to its team’s ability to exemplify both professionalism and empathy in one package.

We very much appreciate any kind of service that manages to balance these two things while working with any client.

Due to the nature of the job, private investigators can be dealing with clients that have a lot of emotional baggage.

It’s of course great being able to receive the literal service that you’ve paid for. But it’s even better if it comes with the satisfying feeling of being understood and listened to.

You’ll be happy to know that Red Doors is well aware of what clients go through. With this, it’s a private investigator worth being comfortably vulnerable to in solving your problems.

5. Armes International

Services Offered: Surveillance, Background, Cheating Spouses, Harassment, Bankruptcy Records, Asset Investigations, Civil Court Records, Locating Witnesses, Locating Missing People


Address: Dallas, TX, United States

Contact Details: (855) 276-5833

Operating Hours: Open 24/7 via chat

Google Reviews Score5/5
Trust Index Reviews Score4.9/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency5/5
Professional credibility5/5


  • Balances professionalism and empathy well while working with clients
  • Has a diverse network of personnel that are responsive and invested in each case
  • Open 24 hours for the whole week


  • Busy during peak days

Our experience with Armes International’s private investigation services was highly satisfactory. The team demonstrated professionalism and discretion in handling our case, ensuring a sense of trust and reliability from the beginning.

Efficiency was a notable aspect of Armes International’s services. They promptly initiated the investigation, utilizing effective methods to gather information. The team’s organized approach and timely updates kept us well-informed throughout the process, making our experience efficient and stress-free.

The quality of Armes International’s investigative work exceeded our expectations. The thoroughness in their findings and attention to detail showcased their commitment to delivering accurate and valuable information. We were impressed with the professionalism displayed in the presentation of the final results.

In terms of cost, Armes International provided transparent pricing and demonstrated good value for the services rendered. The investment in their private investigation services felt justified, considering the comprehensive approach and the quality of the results obtained. The cost-effectiveness of their services added to the overall positive experience.

6. Gomez Detective Agency

Gomez Detective Agency Homepage

Services Offered: Insurance Investigations, Business Investigations, Domestic Investigations, Background Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Undercover Investigations, GPS Vehicle Tracking, Divorce and Child Custody, Surveillance, Employment/Background Checks, Phone Number Traces, Missing Persons, Interviews/Interrogation, Polygraph Tests, etc. 


Address: 1499 Regal Row #505, Dallas, TX 75247, United States

Contact Details: +1 214-823-5600

Operating Hours: Open 24/7

Google Reviews Score4.8/5 (72 reviews)
Bark Reviews Score5/5 (31 reviews)
Total Reviews 5/5 (103 reviews)
Score Consistency4/5
Professional credibility5/5


  • Has multiple backgrounds in criminal justice, psychology, and law enforcement
  • Delicate and respectful in understanding every client’s case at an emotional level
  • Specializes in infidelity cases among other kinds of investigations
  • Featured in multiple television channels and magazines


  • Had some unresolved cases from not showing up or not being able to be contacted

Gomez Detective Agency is the brainchild of a licensed private investigator, detective Daniel Gomez.

If you’ve been glued to your TV screen over reality shows for a while, then there’s a good chance you may be familiar with him.

Being part of the hit reality show “Cheaters” is only one among a sea of things that built up his reputation as a private investigator.

Quite impressive is the fact that he’s got multiple backgrounds in criminal justice, psychology, and law enforcement. 

With this, he earns himself the title of being multifaceted, in our books. It’s always good to extend your boundaries in whatever career that you’re in, after all.

Not only does this allow him to be well-versed in the law, but it also equips him with a delicate understanding of people that are going through a wide range of negative emotions and stress.

And did we mention that he also has a full Spanish-speaking staff? It’s a nice touch to further extend his agency’s served demographic.

While he does mainly specialize in infidelity cases, this isn’t to say that his wide selection of other investigative services is lackluster.

He and his staff are still adept at handling various insurance, business, domestic, and background investigations all the same. 

What you should look out for when considering his agency, is that he does have a history of some unresolved cases.

Whether it’s by his failure to not show up or not being able to be contacted, it’s still a noticeable stain on both his reputation and availability.

Keep this in mind with any private investigator. You wouldn’t want them to just suddenly leave the trail cold and disappear after handing the money over.

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