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The 5 Best Car Detailing Services in Dallas

The 7 Best Car Detailing Services in Dallas

How We Picked

Detailing options – The various options of exterior and interior detailing provided by the shop.
Task efficiency – The overall quality and turnaround of the detailing services performed.
Customer service – How the management and staff accommodate and treat customers from beginning to end.
Availability – How easy it is to access the shop’s detailing services through contacting and traveling at any point in time.
Affordability – How competitive the prices are for the shop’s list of detailing services on average.

1. Park Cities Mobile Detail

Park Cities Mobile Detail Homepage

Detailing Services: Complete Detailing, Deluxe Detail, Ceramic Coating, Deluxe Wash and Wax, Make Ready, Commercial Services.


Address: 2100 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75207, United States

Contact Details: +1 469-438-7377

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8AM – 5PM

      Saturday: 8AM – 2PM

      Sunday: CLOSED

Price Rates: $85 – $625

Google Reviews Score4.7/5 (137 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4/5 (25 reviews)
Total Reviews4.5/5 (162 reviews)
Score Consistency4/5
Detailing Options4.5/5
Task Efficiency4.5/5
Customer Service5/5


  • Provides several levels of competitive detailing packages
  • Very good attention to detail in exterior work
  • Considerably convenient and flexible mobile detailing service 
  • Customer service is very accommodating even toward complaints


  • Occasionally arrives late or doesn’t show up at all
  • Sometimes not that thorough in cleaning interiors

Give Park Cities Mobile Detail a call if you want your car looking brand new with a side of great customer service.

Since it is a mobile detailing service, you can simply kick back and relax at home without ever needing to turn the car on (unless you’re taking it out of the garage).

It has a great selection of options despite not having a shop to constantly grab its tools from.

With all the levels of detailing packages it offers, we’ve found that Park Cities is fairly competitive in pricing.

Even with bigger vehicles like SUVs and passenger vans, the executive detail package has a lot of great features for what you’re paying for.

As a whole, its packages seem to hit a lot of spots for both the exterior and interior areas.

To note, its team does exceptionally well working with the exterior. But we suppose it is easier to spot imperfections on the outside, especially in broad daylight.

Though there were some instances when they were not that thorough in cleaning the interior areas. Some owners do know their car, even more so, their interior, from head to toe better than anybody else. 

And this is a natural skill that’s commonly expected of car detailers that have been working for years. But in some cases, it could just be poor attention to detail and laziness.

The team also does occasionally arrive late or doesn’t even turn up at all. This might indicate a tight booking schedule on their end.

On the bright side, Park Cities is a detailing service that owes up to its mistakes well thanks to its great and accommodating customer service.

On a normal working day, its team does perform quite well and is considerably convenient and flexible when it comes to your schedule.

2. Flawless Detail

Flawless Detail Homepage

Detailing Services: Opticoat Pro/Pro Plus Ceramic Coatings, The Flawless Detail, Full Detail, Wash and Wax, Interior Detail, Cigarette Odor Removal, Minor Touch Up and Respray, Flood Damage and Mold Removal, OptiGuard Ceramic Leather Coating, Chrome Delete Vinyl Wrap.


Address: 2630 Northaven Rd #105, Dallas, TX 75229, United States

Contact Details: +1 214-280-5920

Operating Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 9AM – 5PM

      Thursday: 9AM – 4PM

      Saturday: 9AM – 3PM

      Sunday: 10AM – 2PM

      Monday: CLOSED

Price Range: $75 – $1,200+

Google Reviews Score4.6/5 (150 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5 (69 reviews)
Total Reviews5/5 (219 reviews)
Score Consistency5/5
Detailing Options5/5
Task Efficiency4.5/5
Customer Service4.5/5


  • Offers unique detailing options for interior and exterior
  • Good affordability across all its detailing packages
  • Also provides the option to come to your location
  • Sanitizes interiors of second-hand cars well


  • Some employees only do as much as spot cleaning in the past
  • Occasionally doesn’t follow its opening hours 

When it comes to well-known car detailing services in Dallas, Flawless Detail is a strong contender in the local detailing industry.

We like how straightforward and self-explanatory its detailing services are, and how every task under a package is listed in detail.

Flawless definitely lives up to its “no-nonsense” approach to business, which should be the standard for any detail-oriented company. You’re paying a professional with a very specific skillset, after all.

It even offers mobile services, which adds to the shop’s overall convenience in detailing options.

Both its interior and exterior detailing services cover a lot of areas that most people can easily overlook, especially when it comes to second-hand cars.

Speaking of second-hand cars, it does a thorough sanitation job in the interiors of such vehicles.

When buying a car off a random lot or even a junkyard somewhere, there can be lots of hidden (and messy) surprises just lurking about in the interior.

From what we’ve seen with Flawless’s team, they’re somewhat like vehicle inspectors because of how good they are at scanning every little detail to be cleaned.

But despite their innate skill at “spotting” areas to clean, they sometimes don’t even proceed to clean some areas themselves.

This simply means that the shop doesn’t always live up to its “Flawless” name, because this is anything but flawless work.

Simply put, it seems that the thorough cleaning that it promises just turns into “spot cleaning” sometimes, which leaves many areas missed.

The shop also occasionally doesn’t follow its opening hours for some reason, as people have turned up to a closed shop past the posted opening time. 

In this case, it’s probably not the best shop to just simply walk into without calling first.  

3. Helping Hands Mobile Detailing

Helping Hands Mobile Detailing Homepage

Detailing Services: Full Wash, Exterior Wash, Hand Wash Detail, Deluxe Detail, Ultimate Detail, Ultimate Wax Detail, Fleet Cleaning and Washing.


Areas Served: Dallas County and Nearby Suburbs

Contact Details: +1 972-388-4721

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 9AM – 6PM

Price Range: $30 – $350+

Google Reviews Score4.7/5 (86 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score5/5 (109 reviews)
Total Reviews5/5 (195 reviews)
Score Consistency4.5/5
Detailing Options4.5/5
Task Efficiency4.5/5
Customer Service3.5/5


  • Does a great job making dirty engine bays look brand new
  • Cleans hard-to-reach areas on the car well
  • Highly competitive rates for all of its detailing services
  • Arrives on time within its service area 


  • Rushed cleaning and detailing in the past
  • Sometimes very confusing in terms of price quotations
  • Brushed off some customer complaints in the past

Helping Hands is a mobile car detailing service that’s quick to respond to your requests while still maintaining the quality of service of in-house car detailing shops.

As expected of a mobile car detailer, it ensures that it has everything it needs before even traveling to your place. It has pretty straightforward hand washing options for basically any private vehicle size.

The same can be said for its detailing options that range from the basic hand wash with other extras to its Ultimate Wax package that introduces deep cleaning.

While there are additional charges for oversized vehicles like Hummers and Dually trucks, we still think these are at a reasonable amount.

Overall, the scope of detailing options that Helping Hands has is quite impressive for a service that travels all around the place.

We also like to specifically point out how great it is at making dirty engine bays look like the car just left the dealership that day.

As for the shop’s downsides, there are several of them. One red flag is that it has a history of just botching jobs in the past as if it was in a rush to finish them. 

Another big one is that it’s quite notorious for suddenly changing price quotations that were already agreed upon.

Though it’s mentioned on its website that prices are subject to change, this is, by no means, a reason to just keep on stacking costs on the go.

And lastly, the owner doesn’t take complaints that well and even proceeds to brush some of them off in denial.

While he is generally friendly when things are going great, he doesn’t display the best example of customer service when things are not.

4. Ultimate Steam

Ultimate Steam Homepage

Detailing Services: Steam Vehicle Wash, Exterior/Interior Wash, Engine Detailing, Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning, Paint Protection, Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating


Address: 3130 N Hall St #205, Dallas, TX 75204, USA

Contact Details: +1 469-456-4674

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 8AM – 6PM

      Saturday: 9AM – 4PM

      Sunday: CLOSED

Price Range: $10 – $950+

Google Reviews Score4.6/5 (20 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score4.5/5 (23 reviews)
Total Reviews4/5 (43 reviews)
Score Consistency5/5
Detailing Options5/5
Task Efficiency4.5/5
Customer Service5/5


  • Utilizes steam cleaning technology that reduces water consumption
  • Removes marks perfectly even on white paint jobs
  • Able to provide cleaning and washing services for a fleet of vehicles
  • Fairly competitive price for ceramic coating


  • Occasionally misses some spots in the interior and engine bay areas
  • Sometimes lacks availability due to influx of other customers

If you like car detailing services that are infused with unique and effective technology, then Ultimate Steam is a great option to consider.

It’s also one of those detailing places that will treat you the same way regardless of what you decided to bring in.

Whether you’re pulling up in a rare exotic or your old trusty grocery getter from the 90s, expect your car to definitely look better than it did before.

With how it explains its vapor steam technology, it seems like the perfect way to have a more gentle and non-chemical approach to cleaning while also saving water. 

It works quite well for both the exterior and interior, which makes it a well-thought-out and flexible process.

Ultimate Steam’s main exterior detailing prowess is also worth talking about, of course.

We know how painfully obvious even a tiny scratch mark can be on a white car, but even several of them are no match for the shop’s keen attention to detail.

Regardless of your vehicle’s color, scratches can easily disappear from sight thanks to its thorough detailing.

If you have a considerably new car, we think its fairly competitive ceramic coating service is definitely an investment before you even start getting noticeable scratches.

What’s also noteworthy about its services is that it can work with an entire fleet of vehicles all at once. We think this is perfect for various transportation businesses that want their vehicles physically presentable all year round.

One flaw to Ultimate Steam’s services includes occasionally missing some spots in both the interior and engine bay areas.

Another one is that it does lack availability sometimes due to an influx of other customers. Considering it does work on fleets, after all, we’re not that surprised.

5. Sparkle and Shine Auto Detail LLC

Sparkle and Shine Auto Detail LLC Homepage

Detailing Services: Express Wash, Express Butler, Express Signature, Express Luxury, Express Wax, Tire Shine, Full Vacuum, Clay Bar Treatment, Dash/Console, Interior Glass/Door Jambs, Polishing and Coating, etc.


Address: 1904 Univ Business Dr Ste. 302, McKinney, TX 75071, United States

Contact Details: +1 972-217-5934

Operating Hours: *Tuesday – Saturday: 8AM – 5PM

        Sunday – Monday: CLOSED

      *Appointment Required

Price Range: $10 – $3000+

Google Reviews Score5/5 (12 reviews)
Yelp Reviews Score5/5 (33 reviews)
Total Reviews4/5 (45 reviews)
Score Consistency5/5
Detailing Options5/5
Task Efficiency5/5
Customer Service4.5/5


  • Very knowledgeable in recommending the best package for each car
  • Impressively thorough in paint corrections and removing swirl marks
  • Fixes minor paint imperfections as preparation for ceramic coating 
  • Offers lots of smaller a la carte detailing services for cheap


  • Some detailing and ceramic coating options are very expensive
  • Considerably farther away for those in Dallas County
  • Owner has insulted a customer about their car choice in the past

As far as car detailing services in the DFW area go, we think Sparkle and Shine gives off one of the most premium feels.

Its dedication to making any vehicle look like it just rolled off the assembly line can be seen in its clients’ cars. They are all in immaculate condition, whether it’s a Lotus Evora or a Chevy Impala from the 60s.

We think it’s a solid testament to how meticulous car detailing can get anywhere.

And we’re fairly certain that Sparkle and Shine’s going to get a lot more attention over time because of how it demonstrates this to a remarkable degree.

Whatever car you decide to turn up in, it seems very knowledgeable in recommending the best package for each car.

It’s impressively thorough in even the most minute of paint corrections, and there will not be a single swirl mark left on the car afterward.

Its ceramic coating service is also complemented with top-notch preparation procedures.

Every good car detailer knows that the paint needs to be thoroughly prepped in order to not cause any imperfections during the ceramic coating installation.

Well, Sparkle and Shine seems to knock that off the checklist effortlessly. 

The ceramic coating options do get very expensive, though. But they’re some of the best and most durable options available in the market if you have the means.

It’s still rather nice that it does offer lots of smaller and cheaper “a la carte” detailing services, which include express waxing and tire shining.

One drawback to its services is that it’s in McKinney, which is quite a distance if you’re strictly coming from Dallas County.

Also, one thing that we don’t appreciate is that the owner has insulted a customer about their car choice in the past.

While he and his team do an amazing job of detailing any car, being condescending about somebody’s car is one reason why brand wars still exist in the car community.

No to brand wars, as they say. 

6. Awesome Headlights

Detailing Services: Headlight Restoration, Auto Detailing


Address: Portland, Oregon 97230

Contact Details: 503-888-6848 / [email protected]

Operating Hours:

Price Rates:

Google Reviews ScoreN/A
Yelp Reviews ScoreN/A
Total ReviewsN/A
Score ConsistencyN/A
Detailing Options5/5
Task Efficiency5/5
Customer Service4/5


  • Cost-Efficiency for their Services
  • Comprehensive Detailing Offered
  • Mobile Service Convenience


  • Limited Service Area

At Awesome Headlights, the mission is clear: to restore your vehicle’s headlights to their former glory and provide top-notch car detailing services. With a focus on safety, appearance, and cost-effectiveness, Awesome Headlights offers a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the needs of car owners seeking both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

We like that the team at Awesome Headlights understands the critical role that clear headlights play in ensuring safe driving conditions, especially at night. By addressing issues such as severe oxidation, fogging, and yellowing, their headlight restoration service enhances visibility on the road, contributing to safer journeys for drivers and passengers alike.

Furthermore, with a mobile detailing service, Awesome Headlights brings their expertise directly to your doorstep, eliminating the hassle of scheduling appointments or traveling to a physical location. This flexibility allows clients to enjoy professional car detailing without disrupting their daily routines, making it a convenient option for busy individuals.

Note though that while the mobile service offered by Awesome Headlights provides convenience, it may be limited to specific geographic areas. Clients residing outside of the service area may face challenges in accessing these services, particularly if alternative transportation arrangements are not available.

Overall, Awesome Headlights delivers on its promise of exceptional car detailing services with a focus on safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking to improve visibility on the road or enhance the appearance of your vehicle, Awesome Headlights offers a reliable solution that combines affordability, convenience, and outstanding results.

7. Sweet’s Auto Detailing

Detailing Services: Car Detailing & Ceramic Coatin



1500 Dragon St Suite 16300 Dallas TX 75207

Contact Details: 214-709-6567

Operating Hours: Tue – Fri: 9am-5pm
Saturday: 9am – 2pm
Sun – Mon: Closed


Price Rates: Contact for more information

Google Reviews Score5/5
Yelp Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency5/5
Detailing Options5/5
Task Efficiency5/5
Customer Service5/5


  • Personalized Attention
  • Passionate and Skilled Detailer
  • Fair Pricing


  • By appointment only

We appreciate the personalized attention they receive from Sweet’s Auto Detailing.

As a one-person operation, Juan ensures that every call, text, and inquiry is promptly addressed, allowing clients to feel valued and attended to throughout the detailing process.

Juan’s passion for detailing shines through in the quality of his work. Clients consistently praise his attention to detail and dedication to delivering exceptional results.

Whether it’s a full interior cleaning, engine bay clean, or headlight restoration, we like that Juan goes above and beyond to ensure that every vehicle sparkles like new.

Sweet’s Auto Detailing offers fair and competitive pricing for their services. Clients appreciate the transparency in pricing and feel that they receive excellent value for the quality of work provided.

With no hidden fees, we like that clients can trust that they are getting a straightforward and honest deal.

Sweet’s Auto Detailing is committed to providing a hassle-free experience for clients. From booking appointments to completing the detailing service, Juan ensures that the process is seamless and stress-free.

Clients can trust that their vehicles are in good hands and can relax knowing that they will receive top-notch service from start to finish!

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