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Dallas is not a good place for dating. Here’s why.

Dallas is not a good place for dating. Here’s why.

If you’re a single person looking for companionship, Dallas may not be the ideal city for you. There are lots of bad quirks in its dating scene that can be hard to look over.

Here are some of the reasons why Dallas does not have a great dating scene.

1. The boys are cocky.

2. The boys love to pretend they’re rich.

3. Dating is expensive.

4. Dallas traffic is some of the worst in the country.

5. Cars are must-haves.

6. Dallas is a concrete jungle.

7. Dallas has more cheaters than anywhere else in the country.

8. Looks really do matter in Dallas.

9. People in Dallas are scared of commitment.

10. There are hundreds of thousands of singles in Dallas.

1. Dallas boys are cocky and have big egos.

Dallas boys are cocky and have big egos

Dallas boys are cocky and prideful. They think they know everything, which can be amusing at first but annoying after a few weeks. 

It’s hard finding a man who is down to earth and knows how to handle himself. You’d see a walking dog before you ever encounter a man in Dallas that doesn’t brag at least once during your date.

Don’t be surprised either if you later find out some of the things he bragged about were lies. 

2. Dallas boys love to pretend they’re rich.

Dallas boys love to pretend they’re rich

Dallas boys love to pretend they are rich. They’ll tell you about their new car or how much money their parents make — and then when it comes time for you to pay for dinner or your bar tab, they’ve suddenly left their wallets at home.

Of course, not everyone is like this, but it’s still disturbing how many of them there are. Weeding them out can be difficult since you never really know until the date itself. 

3. Dating is expensive in Dallas.

Dating is expensive in Dallas

Dating in Dallas is expensive, averaging $112 per date. Dallas dates usually involve either watching a Rangers game for $40, eating out for $75, or going to bars for $30 on average.

For reference, here’s how much you can expect to spend on a typical date in Dallas.

Rangers Game Ticket (1 Ticket)$40
Mid-range Restaurant Meal (Three-course, Good for 2)$75
Cinema Ticket (1 Ticket)$13
Theater Tickets (2 Tickets, Best Seats)$451
Nightclub Cover Charge$15
Beer (Store)$4.25/500mL
Beer (Pub)$7/500mL

There are plenty of ways for you to go on dates without going broke. 

First off, avoid anything above the 635. This is where most of Dallas’ elite live, so the bars and restaurants here can afford to overprice their services.

You can try hunting for bars with happy hours or opt to stay in. Staying at home and playing board games or watching movies is a great date idea that most people already do.

There are plenty of free museums like the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Crow Museum that make great date venues as well. 

The exhibits are interesting enough to hold conversations over, so even the shyest of us won’t have to worry about any dead air.

4. Dallas traffic will put your dates on hold.

Dallas traffic will put your dates on hold

Dallas has some of the worst traffic in the country, which can be a huge problem when planning dates. According to CBS News, Dallas is the 35th most congested city in the US.

Given the horrible traffic, you can expect to be late more often than you’d like for your dates. It’s hard to plan ahead when you have no idea when your car will have the chance to move, so just prepare.

If you plan to drive, try to avoid the 635 and the Central Expressway as these are where traffic hits the worst. 

The city’s public transportation system is lacking too. 

The bus system is slow and unreliable, and the light rail only covers a small part of the city, forcing you to walk a bit before reaching your destination. 

This forces most people to rely on cars and Ubers to get around.

We’d like to add that Dallas is the 6th most dangerous city to drive in in the US, with around 18 accidents per 100,000 vehicles a year. These accidents make traffic unpredictable, so try to leave at least an hour before your date.

If you feel you’re going to be later than you’d like, inform your date immediately. It can be frustrating for both you and your partner, but these things happen in Dallas.

5. You need your own car to impress anyone.

You need your own car to impress anyone

Public transportation in Dallas is horrible, so cars have become a necessary part of life for most residents. Most women will reject you if you don’t have your own ride, or if you have a horrible car.

If you have a good feeling about the girl you’re meeting up with, try renting a nice car or paying for her Uber (not UberX Share). Don’t let her take public transportation on the way home, especially if you’ve gone out drinking.

It’s not just about having a car though, what car you drive also matters. 

You’d expect luxury cars and sports cars to be at the top of women’s lists. But pickup trucks are the most attractive vehicles for women, while men like girls with sports cars the most.

6. Dallas is a concrete jungle.

Dallas is a concrete jungle.

Dallas has an average of about 232 days of sun per year, and temperatures get even hotter with all the buildings and carbon emissions lying around. 

Dallas doesn’t have much green space either, so date ideas are limited to mostly indoor activities.

Your dates will mostly consist of museums and theaters during the day and nightclubs and bars at night, which can thankfully be found on every corner. 

If you want an outdoor date though, like hiking or fishing, your only options are public parks located near highways or other busy roads since there aren’t many state parks or hills nearby.

7. Dallas is the cheating capital of the US.

Dallas is the cheating capital of the US

Dallas has the most number of cheaters in the US, earning the title “Cheating Capital of America”. 

Some possible factors for Dallas residents’ infidelity are a large number of attractive women and generally low happiness levels.

It’s a well-known fact that Dallas has some of the most attractive women in the country — even Shaq said so himself

While this isn’t the case for all men, many can fall victim to temptation if the woman is attractive enough, even those in happy marriages.

Dallas has some of the lowest happiness levels in the country, ranking 111th overall. Low general happiness can easily affect relationships, causing many to be dissatisfied with their partners for the smallest of reasons.

8. Looks are a big factor in Dallas.

Looks are a big factor in Dallas

In the Dallas dating scene, appearances matter. You don’t have to be a 6 ft. version of Tom Cruise, just don’t show up with holes in your shirt or untrimmed nails. 

This is especially true for casual relationships. If your date only wants a one-night stand, they’ll focus on your appearance.

Dallas is filled with attractive people that will be critical of your looks and not what kind of person you are or how much money you make.

So, if you’re single, how can you make sure you always look your best? You can start off by eating right, exercising regularly, and practicing basic self-care.

You should also improve your sense of style. Invest in a few pieces of clothing that compliment your best body features and hide your worst, and make sure you stay up to date on the latest fashions.

Finally, be confident. Confidence can boost your attractiveness, making you go from a 5 to a 9/10.

9. People in Dallas are terrified of commitment.

People in Dallas are terrified of commitment

If you’re a single woman in Dallas, you may have noticed something about men. 

Men in Dallas are afraid of commitment. It’s much easier to find a one-night stand than a serious partner, and even harder to find a man that wants kids.

Some possible reasons for this behavior include fear of the unknown, lack of trust in themselves, or fear of being tied down to one person. 

If you’re in a relationship with a Dallas man who is scared of commitment, it’s important to have an open, honest dialogue about it. 

Talk about why he may be scared, and work on building trust between the two of you. 

Remember, relationships don’t have to be about making big, life-altering decisions right away. Commitment can start with small steps, like going on a few dates and getting to know each other better. 

If you take the time to understand and grow attached to each other, the commitment will naturally come with it. With enough patience, you can force a man to change his stance on relationships without him even knowing.

10. There are plenty of singles in Dallas.

There are plenty of singles in Dallas

Dallas has many singles. 30% of the total population is single, so that’s around 209,000 men and 218,000 women.

This is a bad thing, and it’s because of the paradox of choice. Since singles have so many options, it’s harder to commit with so many potential partners in the city.

One of the main reasons why people are scared of commitment is because they’re worried there’s someone better out there. 

Time is also another factor, in the sense that many are pressured to get married by a certain age. 

It gets even worse since Dallas is home to many Fortune 500 HQs, so the choices aren’t just limited to the locals — there are the migrant workers too. 

How can someone commit knowing they have options from other states?

Is Dallas a good place for dating?

Dallas is a good place for dating if you are looking for “no strings attached” encounters, but it is bad for serious long-term relationships. 

There are plenty of attractive singles in Dallas, but there aren’t as many that are willing to commit and remain loyal throughout the relationship.

Where do single guys go in Dallas?

Single guys in Dallas go to clubs to enjoy the bachelor life. The most popular are the It’ll Do Club, Escapade 2001, Station 4, Kliff Klub, and Cowboys Red River.

BarAddressContact DetailsHours
It’ll Do Club4322 Elm St, Dallas, TX214-434-17029:00 PM to 2:00 AM (Thursday to Sunday) 
Closed (Monday to Wednesday)
Escapade 2001 Dallas10701 Finnell St, Dallas, TX214-902-64008:00 PM to 3:00 AM (Friday and Saturday) 
8:00 PM to 12:00 AM (Sunday) 
Closed (Monday to Thursday)
Station 4 (Gay Nightclub)3911 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas, TX214-526-71719:00 PM to 4:00 AM (Thursday to Sunday) 
Closed (Monday to Wednesday)
Kliff Klub5250 Singing Hills Dr, Dallas, TX214-375-26023:00 PM to 1:45 AM (Everyday) 
Cowboys Red River10310 Technology Blvd W, Dallas, TX214-352-17967:00 PM to 3:00 AM (Wednesday to Saturday) 
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Monday and Tuesday) 
Closed (Sunday)

Where do people in their 20s live in Dallas?

Dallas people in their 20s live in the Bishop Arts, Lower Greenville, and Uptown neighborhoods. 

They live in these areas because they are close to major corporate centers, have a lively nightlife, and have affordable apartments.

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